I'm intimidated

So, I have no formal education in software development. I have been working as a programmer for the last 7 years, though I started teaching myself way before. Professionaly I worked on some rather complex apps with Flex, PHP and MySQL, but the last few years I focused on Unity/C#. As a Blender-Enthusiast, I figuerd I might as well get into Blender development, to expand my horizon and to work on something that I really love as a user. So I went about setting up my development environment and it all went smooth, I could pull the repository and build Blender on my computer. Now, my problem is not the coding part. It definitely will be a challenge, but I’m up for it. My problem is, I never worked on a team before. I used Subversion and I’m using Mercurial everyday, but mainly as a backup system for myself. Long story short, I’m pretty intimidated to work on such a huge project, at the same time I’m terribly curious to learn this workflow. My question basically: is everyone contributing to Blender thoroughly familiar with the process, or is it normal for lots of devs to be kind of overhelmed with the complexity of this project (codebase-wise and teamsize-wise)? Should I even try to get comfortable with this or would you advise me anyways to better get some experience working on big teams and come back later? Thanks for reading, I’m trying to make up my mind, as this definitely will requiere quiet some dedication to become a valuable contributer (as opposed to an annoying wannabee) :wink:

That is perfectly common & natural.
With every challenge one first challenges self in doubt.
Keep the faith. Have confidence and trust yourself… you’ve come so far.
Dedication is admirable value.

Finally no one knows it all, it is interaction making it & us whole…

Thanks for your kind words Burnin. I’m quiet happy that I could successfully build this “beast” in the first place :slight_smile: Now one step at a time, sooner or later I’ll be back with a few more questions :wink:

Take everything as it comes, keep a calm mind (I like to daydream while I work) and focus on the next step, will be a piece of cake sooner or later, and there is always more to learn :slight_smile:

well working in a small team is fun, i didnt work with blender, but at my work we hired some extra coders.
And you learn from their code too, and they are kinda like yourself, they too had to learn it once.
They might be ahead at some areas, but you could be more ahead in other areas.
Some people are teamplayers while others are better at doing that super complex stuf alone.
but in the end all these parts should fit together, and you make something together.