I'm jonesing for a BGE update, anyone got any builds?

The recent blender update looks great, and I’m going to use it, but there have not been any significant GE updates in awhile. I know people have their own testing builds, especially on GraphicAll, but I do not know what to look for. If anyone has any blender builds with GE mods or updates, I can test window builds (I have 64bit win7). I do not have much experience compiling though.

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The LOD system will soon be coming into trunk, so that can be considered a noticeable BGE update, Kupoman also has done some work on the shadow system that includes point light shadows and that will hopefully make it into trunk as well.

Also, even since 2.69, Moguri has done a major update to the BGE code by cleaning a good chunk of the internal structure (which won’t be noticed by users so much outside of the removal of ‘singletexture’ mode, but should make the code more inviting for new developers).