im kinda new

im kinda new to making renders with blender(i make games with it), and the texturing is somewhat different and confusing to me. im making a microphone and i want i nice shiny metal effect. how would i go about doing this. i know what all the settings are, so just telling me would suffice, no expl. needed. also maybe a good tutorial on putting textures where you want then, and maybe normal mapping. thanks in advance.

Umm please post this in the blender general forum. To get the shiny affect you would download a plugin called yafray, then choose a reflective material.

Hmm… Why would you need yafray to create a reflective object?..

okay, to start off with:

use a real title. if you saw a book called ‘im new’ would you know what was in it from the title?

use some page returns. they are called paragraphs, and then help organise thoughts.

use the correct forum, for god’s sake. how could you possibly think that the finished work forum is the right place for this topic?

As to an answer for your question:
turn on raytracing in the render settings panel and give the object a raymirror texture. for basic tutes look to fligh%'s sig. (iirc).

thank you,
Sam, moderator

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