I'm lerning python where should I star?

ok I’ve really been wanting to lern python so I was wondering where I should start?..like what tuts should I use and what sites should I got to?

thanks in advance

phyton in a shell is a great book
(also look in some APIs), programming itself isn`t as hard as it looks

the APIs are a good place to start, and so is the Game Engine Support and Discussion forum :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: would you look at that? It moved!

http://blendenzo.com/tutBeginningBGEPython.html - Social’s classic tutorial
http://www.blender.org/documentation/pydoc_gameengine/PyDoc-Gameengine-2.34/index.html - The GE Python documentation

I also recommend the book Learning Python from O’Reilly.

i learned python from this site:

As you can know, Blender’s API has its own modules, but finally is based in python, first off all is very important you have python’s bases (syntax), i’m learning this with the book written by Guido Van Rossum (the python creator), " http://docs.python.org/tutorial/ ", of course you can check others sites posted here, all are goods.

Then, direct to de bone!, you must to “assosiate” the python syntax with API’s Blender, so, this is the best place to learn Blender’s modules :


Why to learn C++ or C? they’re useless now that you can learn Python, Python is really powerfull and easy to learn you can do fantastics things, and blender is a highly advanced 3D modeler, so, if you sum those two things, you can obtaing the result of creating powerfull games like ProEvolution Soccer, Gear of Wars, Halo, Fear, TombRaiders and others…

Good luck…

I’m surprised noone has posted it yet:
Dive Into Python is the defacto standard for learning Python. It’s where I started and is a great learning-by-example book.

ok thanks for all the help

I’ve found it helpful, when learning a new programming language, to be working on some project, so whenever a new concept or tool comes up I’m always asking myself: “can I use this? will this work for my project? how can I fit this in?” Tumbling new information around in my mind like that always seems to make it stick better, whether it’s useful in the project or not.

I have a number of links for BGE python (from basic to moderate tutorials, as well as references - up-to-date APIs) if you click on “resources” in my sig. They are all good sites which I have used, and would recommend to others. Some of them have already been mentioned (though the BGE API which PlantPerson gave you a link to is not completely up to date).

Do you know of one that is? If so, I’d like to see it. Just yesterday I was trying to do some stuff in 2.48 but had some trouble because the docs were so old.