I'm looking for 2d graphic design artists who integrate 3D well into their work

I’m trying to get some friends to learn Blender with me but they are all graphic designers mostly desiging for print so I’m looking for good works that would inspire them and open their minds to the possibilities 3d could add to their current workflow.

My background is print design. I worked for 21 years in the production department of a local newspaper group. I often use Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator in exactly the same way I would designing for print to create stuff I can use in Blender. If you take a look at my portfolio here you’ll see some examples of print type stuff being used in Blender - also I have an Artstation account with the same user name and a .co.uk website with the same as the domain with more stuff.

Blender is great for visualising how 2d print stuff might look when finished, whether that’s labelling, packaging, mocked up books and magazines, etc. It does a much better job than simply running off a proof on a printer.

Thank you. What is your secret to your lighting looking so real?

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Nine times out of ten the only lighting I use is an HDRI environment. I use the Gaffer addon to be able to manage HDRIs, look through them and rotate them and stuff. Most of the HDRIs I get from HDRI Haven, but I do love the interiior set from https://www.maximeroz.com/hdri-free-pack as they suit so many of my scenes very well/

A good tip when using Cycles is to set the Material Preview mode to use the Scene World (and lights of there are any). That way you can rotate the HDRI faster, as with high res HDRIs the rotation in Rendered viewport shading mode can be a bit laggy.

This is an example from one of my other threads, but you can see here the same scene, lit only by the same HDRI and the massive differences brought about by rotating the HDRI to find the most pleasing resuilts