I'm looking for a place to sell my blender work?

Like anyone I’d just like a bit of extra cash, and while there are great sites like BlendSwap to share your work on I would like something to make some money from. I’ve searched for a while, but can’t seem to find one that would do well with blender things. Thanks!

If you want to sell your work online, there are so many many sites to sell you work. The thing is that you have to wait for it so that other users who need that kind of model will come and buy your work, and the second thing is that you have to share some profit with those sites. Just search on the good for online sale 3D models and there are so many. Just register on those sites and you are up to go. I am not writing the names of those sites because I don’t want to do free ads for them. :smiley:

If you cannot find any than let me know through PM so that I can help you :smiley:

I would suggest if you want to make some side money then start freelancing. If you can make great models, then you can do small jobs for money.

I’d love to freelance, but I just don’t think people would accept a 13-14 year old doing work for them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use TurboSquid and The3DStudio – Turbosquid gets you the most money as it has the most traffic but The3DStudio gives you a higher royalty, although it’s rare that I sell something on The3DStudio (when I link to my models I usually link to The3DStudio because of higher royalty rate).

In Turbosquids Privacy Policy it states that you need to use an adults account with their permission if your younger than 18 though, The3DStudio looks like it doesn’t have any age restrictions though, although you should probably double check this for yourself.

I looked into turbosquid, but it looked like most of the stuff was sold as 3DsMax files. That made me think it wasn’t a good idea.

I looked into turbosquid, but it looked like most of the stuff was sold as 3DsMax files. That made me think it wasn’t a good idea.

no that is not the thing , in my view people need FBX or OBJ files for there work, and both the software can do that. So if you want to keep your work you can just do it. why to wait :smiley:

Age is really unimportant, but you may need to have a parent with the legal end of selling online. I would suggest getting a low cost web site to display images of your best work and work from there.

Multiple formats just help increase the customer base. Offer several formats including the blend file. Exporting various formats is fairly straight forward once you have the original model ready for release, and best of luck in the endevour. Leroy.

Thank you all for your brilliant answers!

I export my models to OBJ format, this makes them compatible with many, probably most 3D software out there.

I have one question about exporting them as a .OBJ, how exactly do the materials/textures carry over with the export into other programs?

I’m not entirely sure, but when I re-import it into Blender, it seems to carry the colors, mesh, UV coords and image textures over, but leave most everything else, including object names and origins.

Okay thanks! I’ll look into it. :slight_smile: