I'm Looking For a Video Editor

Attention video gurus! I’m looking to take on a volunteer video editor who can craft editorials for movies, games, music, etc… I’m going to work directly with you in terms of the overall theme but you’re going to have a lot of creative freedom to demonstrate your own voice, which is what we want! You’re going to be creating stuff that’s funny, inspiring and leaves people wanting more!

Now, many of you are probably wondering how you can submit your information. Well, underneath there’s a Google form where I ask for some basic information. The main thing that I’ll need is for you to submit 1-2 examples of what you can bring to the table. I really want to see something special, so make sure that your video has some kind of “pop” or “sizzle” to catch my attention!

Klick here to go to the form!

Please, be kind enough to introduce yourself and the project :eyebrowlift: