I'm looking for people to make a group game profitably US$

Hello! I’m a group participant in a group game development project. We are accepting participants from all types of game development categories… I invite you to participate in this project. The idea of ​​creating a group and earning $ was taken from a colleague of mine who had cancer :sleepy: and ended up dying with this dream. And so far we have 4 participants that together we are trying to bring together 20 people who have ideas like ours…

The group is in beta, because we still have to talk to all of its participants and call a meeting to democratically decide on engine category games, profits, servers… But at first the money you will winning will be related to your percentage in game development. EX: 10% of the game you helped create, so rightly 10% of the game is yours. So 10% of all of the game’s profits will be yours.
You choose your shifts and schedules and how much will help. We only ask that you try to accomplish certain task determined to you, otherwise another developer will do in your place. NOTE: The more you contribute to the game’s creation, the more profits it will earn.

The group will not have a boss or organizing “commander”… For in the group we are all the bosses. So decisions are made in groups through meetings and also votes where we put our ideas.

We need more than 20 participants to start our project. Everyone at the start of the project signed a contract with all the “laws” terms of the group, which will be decided with all participants. So if you don’t like some aspect of the group you can and should comment and change the terms…
The name game style category… will be decided in groups so that each participant will present 1 or more game ideas. The most voted and the most suitable for all participants will be chosen. it will be sold on various platforms… android, PC… in many different online stores… will be sold above 5US $ and below 30US $

Say what you think if you want to know more or call me at whatsapp: +55 51 993700013
We will introduce you to all participants in our group and then apply it to our group, discuss, talk, create, test, apply, and come up with ideas for the group with you.

This seems to me that participants are not getting paid unless the game actually sells, correct? I’ll move it to #jobs:volunteer-work - we don’t allow deferred payment in this forum category.