I'm making a game LP for YouTube

Yep, you heard correctly. I’ve been watching the Doom3 LP by lukenuetzmann, and it looked fun so I figured that I would take a whack at it. (If you visit Luke’s channel, be advised that most of his videos are NSFW due to language.)

Anyway, I’ve started my very own LP of Return of the King by EA. I’ll update the list of video links as I go. Enjoy!

Playlist: Let’s Play Return of the King

Part 1 - Helm’s Deep 1
Part 2 - Helm’s Deep 2
Part 3 - Road to Isengard 1
Part 4 - Road to Isengard 2
Part 5 - Road to Isengard 3
Part 6 - Minas Tirith: Top of the Wall 1
Part 7 - Minas Tirith: Top of the Wall 2
Part 8 - Minas Tirith: Couryard 1
Part 9 - Minas Tirith: Couryard 2
Part 10 - Minas Tirith: Couryard 3
Part 11 - Minas Tirith: Couryard 4
Part 12 - Minas Tirith: Couryard 5
Part 13 - Paths of the Dead 1
Part 14 - Paths of the Dead 2
Part 15 - Paths of the Dead 3
Part 16 - King of the Dead 1
Part 17 - King of the Dead 2
Part 18 - Southen Gate 1
Part 19 - Southen Gate 2
Part 20 - Southen Gate 3
Part 21 - Southen Gate 4
Part 22 - Southen Gate 5
Part 23 - Pelennor Fields 1
Part 24 - Pelennor Fields 2
Part 25 - Escape From Osgiliath 1
Part 26 - Escape From Osgiliath 2
Part 27 - Escape From Osgiliath 3
Part 28 - Shelob’s Lair 1
Part 29 - Shelob’s Lair 2
Part 30 - Shelob’s Lair 3
Part 31 - Shelob’s Lair 4
Part 32 - Shelob’s Lair 5
Part 33 - Shelob’s Lair 6
Part 34 - Cirith Ungol 1
Part 35 - Cirith Ungol 2
Part 36 - Black Gate 1
Part 37 - Black Gate 2
Part 38 - Black Gate 3
Part 39 - Black Gate 4
Part 40 - Crack of Doom 1
Part 41 - Crack of Doom 2
Bonus Video 1

P.S. I was pleasantly surprised when I found that YouTube kept my 1024 x 768 videos in HD quality. :slight_smile:

What’s the meaning of LP? It looks like the standard video walkthrough.

“Let’s play…” etc

I already know that, I mean: “what is the difference between LP and a standard video walkthrough?” :confused:

Less instructions more swearin’ action. :slight_smile:

LP’s aren’t always so much instructional as for entertainment purposes. I will be giving some tips on gameplay though.

Road to Isengard parts 1 and 2 out of 3 uploaded.

Isengard part 3 currently uploading…

Thanks LOTRJ - this seems promising. You certainly have plenty of talent!

Hmm… I remember playing this game on Gamecube, playing the whole series actually. It was “easy” on hard, why would anyone need a walkthrough?

Most editorial reviews that I’ve read say that the game is actually quite difficult. It’s one of the few games that I’m actually pretty good at playing though.

I’ve played the Gamecube version as well, and I think the PC version is harder for some reason.

There’s been a bit of trouble uploading part 3 of Road to Isengard, but hopefully it should be up soon.

Part 5 is finally up.

I think I’ll wait on recording anymore until tomorrow, when I’m supposed to get my new joysticks.

I remember you posting a Nâzgul game or something a while back… And now these vidoes :smiley: I never really liked those games but they were the only LotR games back then so :confused: XD

Parts 6 and 7 are now up. The new joysticks are working like a dream!

Now my sound is finally fixed, so I can hear the difference. And now we all know the voice of LoTR Junkie is… :confused: …normal! :smiley:

Serious now, you should make one of that level with those elephant-like things (sorry junkie) and nazguls, cuz I was freaking out when I played this level at the highest difficult at the first time.

Ah, Pelennor Fields. That one can be tricky at first, but after you get the hang of it it’s actually one of the easier levels.

BTW, the ‘elephant things’ are called Mumakil. :slight_smile: Anyway, that level is a bit down the road, as I still have to complete the path of the wizard and do the rest of the path of the king first.

you gota do that one level that’s got like endless people to kill! I can’t remember what it’s called cuz I haven’t played in like a year but all I remeber is it was really fun and the most easy way to level up cuz there were like 24798123460932 people! xD

Minas Tirith: Courtyard level is up. Died lots.

Louie, I believe that you’re referring to the Southern Gate level.

Paths of the dead is now up, including a special bonus to mark the completion of path of the wizard!

EXACTLY! that level was great! :smiley:

King of the Dead is up!