I'm making my first (CHEESY ANIMATION)

Space/ Stars

3D Text

Sphere Explodes


Zoomes in from far,
zooms in closer,
Sphere explodes
Text is revealed inside.

So here’s my question,
it’s a very cheese animation.
I wanna make it as detailed as possible.
I’m talking about how the sphere looks like
and the 3d text.

I already have particles set to 300,000.
And I’m going to leave to Computer on tonight to render for about 12 hours.
So in that 12 hours.

I have a Laptop only ( INTEL CORE I3 350M processor 2.26GHZ 3MB L3 Cache HD5650 Ati Mobility Radeon 4GB Memory 2746 Hypermemory)

What are some settings I can play around to make the sphere look verrrrrry DETAILED!

I’m going to let the computer have 12 hours to render.
Like have the surface on the sphere look very amazing… or make the stars better… or maybe add some dust in there you know.

Please tell me!

For 12 hours, how many particles should I have? More than 300,000? Maybe 700,000?
I have a fire extinguisher next to me in case my laptop catches on fire in the middle of the night.

Why “Blender and CG Discussions”?

Why bother making an animation at all when your writing is so wonderfully descriptive?

Why would it take so long? Master the explode modifier. http://cgcookie.com/blender/2011/12/02/tip-creating-quick-explosions/ It’s quick, easy and could do what you want. 300k particles is way too much, just make children do most of the work, You can only explode in 360 degrees. Here this might help too. http://cgcookie.com/blender/2011/11/03/creating-a-nova-explosion-part-01/