I'm modeling a street, I would like to fill gaps between concrete blocks!

Here is a quick render of the street segments. What I did was, cut out the spaces in a block and then used array. I was not able to successfully use the inset and extrude tools, to create mortar between the pavement blocks. I’m still interested in that method, if someone can point it out correctly. Or what other method can I use to fill between the gaps?


put a surface just inside the sidewalk and give it a mortar texture. make it the same dimensions as the sidewalk then scale it inwards just slightly. 6 faces is better than 600 in some cases.

Here you have both worlds. But yeah, 6 is better.


eppo - that is excellent. However I’m trying to figure out how to do the modeling in such a way. I downloaded the .blend, but I’m not sure I understand how you constructed the object.

So, how do you recommend I do what you did. I’m open to any suggestions whatsoever. I’m trying to get the modeling workflow down.

Also, so there is no confusion - I know how to bevel extrude and etc. What I mean is, constructing the object dynamically so it can be edited in an easy way. Also to keep the conversion from high poly to low poly simple.

just put a textured plane in underneath, and scale it to the size you need.

Ok, I can see where you have some skipping in the mortar on the concrete. So this is what you need to do to fix the problem. First, create the sidewalk block and make it simple with the necessary squares and rectangles. Go in to edge mode and select the edges from the sides, extrude them down and then slightly extrude them out. For the curb, do it the same way but pay attention to how you extrude them.

Do the same thing on the other side of the concrete and once you are done, use the Array modifier until you decide to create a corner. I dabbled with creating sidewalks in my project. It wasn’t as detailed as yours, but it got the job done.

Just in case if you haven’t figured it out yet http://www.pasteall.org/blend/21536
Happy Blending!