I'm moving to unity, who want's to play my first game?

Blender’s VideoTexture is not doing what I need it to do, so I checked out Unity. I’ve been using it for just over a month, and c# is awesome (but it uses specific functions for specific things). The good : Faster, easy to learn (berg zerg & AwfulMedia on youtube), Blend files are supported, terrain generator, total nerdgasm … The bad: … when you know what you are doing, the documentation. is. SPARSE-A ! (sorry), some features are pro-only (fine by me), and you still have to create everything, getting animations to work (legacy is good), and C# is strict (I like my females like I like my languages, well-disciplined & easy to play with). I’ll use Blender to model (still a fantastic program IMO, and good game engine). My first game only used Unity and gimp, but I’ll be starting a second one soon. It, and the unity package for it can be found here or on my wordpress blog. Despite it’s glitches, it is quick and good.