I'm needing a tutorial on how to animate/rig a gun...

So after listing to some music and playing some games, I’ve deiced I want to know how to rig and animate guns in Blender…

Here is the .blend: m16.blend (458 KB)

This is the main gun in my game, I would really like a tutorial on how to rig and animate this gun or another… You know like Firing, Reloading and switching (With some action…)

It would be so cool if someone could help me out on this.

Video or Text file/links is okay for me.

Please do note: A comment/post telling me how will only work with pictures… Or I might not be able to understand…

Please do help me out on this.

Try this tutorial:

It’s for how to rig a handgun and is part 1. However, I can’t seem to find part 2. I’m thinking that he never made part 2, actually.

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I took a look at your model. If I was going to rig this gun, I would use 4 bones: a trigger bone and a clip bone which are both children of a gun body bone (all remaining vertices) which is in turn a child of a master bone. The only animation that the master bone is used for is the recoil; all other animations are keyframed using the other bones (reload, put away, aim down sights, etc.). I hope that makes sense.

I could have just rigged and animated the mesh for you, but it sounds like you want to know how to do it, not just have it done for you.

Btw, your texturing looks really nice!

Thanks and I found part2, Okay I’ll call this a Solved thread. Thanks this was a lot easier than I thought!