Im new. 2 finished models

Okay so here’s just a couple models I did a couple days into actually learning how to do stuff lol. I’m also in the process of modeling a sock monkey named Sox (ill put him up in the WIP section in a bit).

These models are pretty much self explanetory. Ones a king chess piece and the other is a duck (modeled after a goofy gif i have)


Looks like your getting to grips with the program, keep it up :slight_smile:

Sorry for this :

I can’t see your images. This happens to me for a number of posts.

Would you mind giving me the method you used to display your images on the forum, where and how you uploaded it, what code (like [img] for example) you used… Maybe I could solve my problem this way.

Thanks for your time.


well i put em up on photobucket and did the manage attatchments button thinger and uploaded from the URL.


Thank you for the info : I may be able to find out what’s wrong with my setup some day.
I’ve been able to see you images : although you obviously are new to Blender you show a sense of the image and what’s funny in a character.
Remember that for real feedback and constructive C&C the WIP forum is best.