I'm new, and I need help with join 2 mesh

Well hello there, I’m a newbie and have some dumb question, I’m done modeling some head, I split it in half and link it “because I don’t get it how symetry work” and after I done, I try to join that half of that head tougether and this happen


it may be because of flipped normals, select all in Edit mode and alt N > Recalculate Normals. But actually I’m not sure what you did before, if you’ve used the Symmetrize tool, make sure that the origin is at the center of the symmetry, you’ll prevent the gap that seems to happen here (?)

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Okey, I recalculate a normal and it work, to be honest I don’t much know what I doing, I just split that head and modeling half of that them I duplicate it and I mirror in x axis then join it.

oh ok, you could have done it easily with the Symmetrize tool (then set the axis in the Operator box on the bottom left of your 3D view):

but if you do it with you duplicate and flip it with for example SX-1, use the snap to vertices and auto-merge options

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Thank for tips and help. I’ll learn use Symmetrize and optimized my work \ ^ w ^ /

Generally, when you model a symmetrical object, use the Mirror modifier :wink: and when you’re glad, apply it