Im new and needs help

Ok im working on a glock style gun and I have a few questions. Should I star with a cube then sub devide it then just go into finer detail? My second question is could someone give me a rough model of it and I can go into finer detail it would help a lot. :smiley: So if ya can Pm me or w/e.

Mechanics is blender’s weakness, I’d say start from a vertex and connect/face/extrude the rest ^_-

Uhh im new to blender and have not taken a art class in my life so I have no Idea what you just said. :-?

Ok my advice to you is go to the blender website and do some of the tutorials on there. The getting started ones will show you what everything is.

And as far as what you would start with, I say start with a cube. And I dont think mechanics are blenders weaknes, I have done a couple guns and they are fine.

Ok I am working on making you a tutorial…video so you get to watch me it. You will get it soon.

I second themonkey’s recommendation. If you don’t know what “vertex”, “face”, “connect”, or “extrude” are, then you should definitely go through some of’s tutorials, just to become familiar with the program. I’ve gone through pretty much the whole thing, and while there are some holes, I’m very glad I went through it. For one, I know what people are talking about now, even if I can’t do it! :smiley:

I know most of em just not conect.