im new and on work experience doing a project...

hi guys,
this is my first ever post/thread and yes im asking for help, but i plan on helping others a long way down the line to return the favor…

im on my work experience and somehow i managed to be told to model there logo into something 3D,
so i did it on blender, and they all doubted me but now there super impressed and ive been called by the marketing and advertising team etc…

quick and to the point, they want better stuff,
id like more knowledge,
so im NOT asking for you to improve what i have, im asking you to help ME learn and improve what i have.

ive attached company logo, my logo and the animation blend file.

only played with this for just over 3 weeks so critisim accepted but don’t be too harsh :slight_smile:


glow testing.blend (594 KB)

i should probably add that the logo WITH the glowy thing in the middle is my one…

first find out what they would consider “better” cos you could spend weeks doing something epic and they just go " meh", “doesnt really fit with company image”, “nice, but…” etc. if you can get an idea from them then you will be able to provide something that they will be impressed with, and you can get specific guidance on how to achieve that on the forum.

they are after something professional (in my opinion that means shiny textures and rounded edges lol)
id like to play around with the inside glow, as it doesnt actually glow.(node editer if im correct?)
and some kind of rotation…

question: if i was to make a looped video of this for a presentation etc. is there any way to have an intro that runs into a loop?

i did reply but it seems to have vanished?
they want something professional, so glossy and smooth.

id like a play with textures, see if i can give it a shine like glass but opaque.
and id like a play with the node editor as i havent touched on this yet. think i should use it for the inner lighting?

you want to use the cycles rendering system as it allows for easy to use translucent and glossy nodes and you can have light emmiting objects, and then of course you can create any kind of texture you like with a few simple adjustments.

i dont know how though?
any tutorials you recommend?

that will get you started :slight_smile:

or you could just poke random nodes tgether and see what happens!

thank youu.
will post finished result when done.
may take a lil while tho :confused:

the animation in the blend file is pretty cool, but i dont get what you did to make the icosperes do that cool sparkly thing you have going on!
on another not you asked if it was possible to loop the aanimation, well yes it is possible, you just have to set the animation keyframes to cyclic in the graph editor. will let you know more once you ahve figured out the texturing, don’t want to overwhelm you with too much info too soon! :slight_smile:

haha i set the material to ‘halo’ (played with the lines, loop and add functions for it) and just scaled and rotated in the keyframes,
came out quite cool actually

gonna work on it tonight hopefully