IM NEW at this

Hey, Recently i been trying to accomplish a game in unity which is a open world type of Role-play but PVP and PVE but I need help doing animating, modelling, Mapping and that If you are interest to do this please inform me because i wanna to created a game like GTA. P.S At first i can’t paid you doing this but if i can get this game publish and that. there is a likely change this will go viral, what i trying to say if it do go viral and we get money I will cut the share.

I’ve moved your thread to #jobs:volunteer-work.

That said, i suggest you take a step back and work on smaller projects. A lot of new people get into this with the mindset of creating a video game right off the bat. That often leads to burnout, i’ve seen it far too many times.

Learning how to operate the programs that you need first is important, before attempting anything big.


Thank you for your advice

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