I'm new here

in what category to I ask a question?. Like say I want to ask for help on mantaflow flow of something else and what kind of tags will help people see my question batter?

Welcome in BA,

You can ask in the support / Particles and Physics simulation for Mantaflow,
Try to keep the category as close as possible to the subject, and anyway moderators will move your topic if the category isn’t appropriate, so it’s ok if you don’t find the perfect category …

You can also try to look if there isn’t an existing topic and try to ask from there if that makes sense;


Exactly what Sozap said! We’ll move the thread if its too off topic, nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

Finding the right category is mainly for your own sake, putting it in the wrong place will in worst case just yield less replies.

Particles and Physics Simulations here you go!

and welcome to BA :slight_smile:

thanks glad to be here