i'm new to blender and i need your help!

hello i’m mark and new to blender i’m 15 and love cg
but i need to know the basics of starting blender so i think this called cg art
so well i need to learn how to draw and do some amazing art? and learn digital art
i’m learning photoshop illustrator and playing with blender a bit but i’m confused if i’m starting blender while i have no drawing skills so what’s your advise to me i want to be able to animate and do 3D models and texturing i hope you guys help me and i know you will

I recommend that you learn drawing first. Get all the basics right. Software will get better and easier with time.

Learn about the rules of art, perspective, golden ratio and so on.

Draw everyday. There is a good youtube video from Blender Guru on youtube on that.

Main points of his video is:

  1. Daily Work
  2. Volume, not perfection
  3. Steal
  4. Conscious learning
  5. Rest
  6. Get Feedback
  7. Create what you love

Thank you so much i’ll do what you said just another question may i learn blender + art in the same time like i’ll learn 4hrs art and 2 hrs blender is that’s ok?

To echo some of what bigbad mentioned, “don’t let perfection be the enemy of good enough”. Be ready to put something to bed without getting hung up on that one-more-change.

Also, start looking at the usual stuff in different ways. When you watch a movie or TV show (or even ads), look at the technical and artistic elements:

  • Why is the camera where it is? If it was <there> or <there>, what would be different?
  • Why did they make ____ that size/color/texture? If it was different, what would be the effect?
  • How long did they spend planning that shot? What did they need in place before shooting/rendering?

oh i got it i recently started drawing so i’m watching tutorials alot of cartoons and i learn from everything i see in the world like i watch a cartoon or anime i see the details but i didn’t knew yet what style i really in love with it i think i need more time thanks for your reply

Hello Mark,

I think you can try a bit of everything to see what you like most. You can learn a lot by following various tutorial, try to combine what you’ve learn into something of your own. As long as you’re having fun doing what you do, you will improve.

I think it’s important to be productive, to make your own stuff regularly and develop an eye to see what you need to to improve on your next piece of art.

Indeed, you can start by drawing, you can also jump straight into 3D, all you’ll learn will be good to get.
3D is a bit particular because you have to learn a lot of technical stuff before doing good picture, so you can start by learning some technical stuff
( modeling a character, animate a walkcycle using an already made character…) first and after that work more on artistic stuff.
In the contrary to draw you only have to know how to hold a pencil to start being productive, with 3D it’s a bit different.

At the end of the day if you want to get very good you’ll have to learn a bit of various field like drawing, photography, cinema, science, computers, even music, some animators also take theater course to make their animated character act better. You don’t have to master all these stuff, you can make very good 3D art without knowing how to draw, but for instance you may compensate then with photography or cinema.

As long as you understand that being a good artist insn’t just about knowing all the knob of a software and curiosity / image culture play a big role, you’ll improve. I think the order in which you learn things isn’t that important. As long as you’re having fun and work hard…

Thank you so much sir i’m not only focusing on drawing and not to master drawing cause i know it’s not easy to master drawing so i’ll be good at drawing thank you

No , learning how to draw is not a requirement to use Blender. The majority of 3d artists have little to no skill at drawing, this is why companies hire concept artists.

But why companies hire concept artists ? Because 2d way faster than 3d and more ideal for developing ideas and brainstorming. Not that 2d is easier or any less technical. 2d technical part is not in the menus, the shortcuts and the rules but there is a ton of theory behind perspective, lighting , proportions , composition . All of those theories are not there to fill book and they can be valuable knowledge for 2d as well 3d artists.

But those are things that you can learn from experience, the same way you can choose not to follow video tutorials or read the Blender manual and learn it the hard way, testing and experimenting. The hard way may be slower but it provide two very valuable asset, high confidence and high learning skill.

My advice is to forget about 2d for now, forget about CGI high budget movies or impressive special effects of any kind and focus on baby steps. Meaning go watch a couple of tutorials and spend a few hours messing around with a cube, twisting, extruding, turning, scaling , sculpting randomly and giving it color and very basic texture.

The most important thing is to find what you like the most and focus on that, because the road is long you will need all the motivation you can get and keeping yourself passionate should be even much higher priority than learning.

The worst you can do as a beginner is try to rush, you will be quickly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of knowledge required to master Blender and 3d art. Instead focus on building a simple but essential foundation in the next 2 years. So stick to the basics, make sure you have a solid understanding, experiment and have fun and you will be fine.

2D wise, again see it as a fun experience, you can use 2d to quickly sketch ideas and you can also watching tutorials on the basics of color, shading, lighting and perspective. Again you take it slowly, always make sure you practice more what you learned than actually spending time watching tutorials and reading documentation. Practice is everything.

On the other hand if you see that you dont like 2d that much, thats fine too, carry on learning 3d , one step at a time and keep it fun and interesting.

Keep yourself motivated, thats the secret recipe for any success.

Thanks so much for reply i understood!