I'm New to Blender and...

Well, I’ve tried reading the tutorials, but I tend to get lost around the third line. I’ve figured out how to make little weird shapes and change their colors, but…I don’t know how to select things that I’ve deselected, and I’m not sure how to work adding and removing vertices…is there a good beginner tutorial I could look at that doesn’t try to tell me what every single little button does before I need them?

Selecting is a bit different then in any other app because you’ll have to use the right mouse button.
Simply move over the object you want to select and click the right button.
The left button will place the cursor.

The wiki has a great start to get acquainted with the interface.
Try this one first.
Navigating in 3D Space

Some hints also from a beginners perspective:

I found the HotKeys helpful: http://www.eskimo.com/~johnnyb/computers/blender/Blender_Hotkeys.html

Also pressing the space-bar in the object view (I call this the one where the object is modeled).


shift + RMB is used to de/select aditional things
A - de/select all
B - border select
BB - brush select
ctrl + LMB (you have to drag the mouse) - lasso select

If you just began using blender it might also be useful to see some video tutorials.




I’m new too, but im getting better. read the blender ducoumentation, it really helps. Its for version 2.3, but most of the things are almost is not exactly the same.


hope that helps. get to the gingerbread man tutorial to really know what your doin.

I never could get use to selecting with the rmb, so, in the user preferences panel under “Views and Controls”, I changed it to make the softeware selct with the lmb.

Thanks guys! I’ll check out those tutorials and try to model something halfway interesting…