I'm new to Blender Node Editor

Dear love Community,
:oI’m starting to code a set of Texture and Materials Node Systems.
So I’m clear to build a material for one Object specific.:cool:
:eek:But I’m need a way to construct a set of materials for a set of Objects.
It should work in that way.
1.) First the user define the master material.
2: ) The System than builds a set of client materials
3. ) The User sets which Object should get which client material
So I’m not sure is there getting a way to do that.:eek:
And when it gives a way, I need information for this way.
So I need Manuals and Tutorials to solve this Challenge.:stuck_out_tongue:


The Tutorial forum is for COMPLETED Tutorials. This is not a tutorial !!
Please us the appropriate support forum for support questions.

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