I'm New to Blender Please Someone help me

I just got blender a short time ago and no nothing about it or 3d modeling. I really only want to learn how to model things and not animation. I have looked at alot of tutorials and get a bit of the way and then it says to go to something that I have no idea what it is or where it is so can someone please help me some way. Thanx :smiley:

Try to follw the basics tutorials. It cant be more basic than that…

Try the human model (first one)

The video tutorials are quite good to get you started as well. You can find them on the Blender website. I am a visual learner and so they were quite helpful in getting me started down the right path in a way I could easily grasp.

Yeah, what they said…
And whatever you do, don’t stop blending because of frustration, etc. Once you get the hang of it…

It’s awesome.:cool:

Learnblender 3d is a site for new users. It has a complete flash video course in 2 main sections. All totally free!


More good links in my sig. “Blender Basics” is dated but teaches most of the basic controls which haven’t changed since 2.42 The BSOD tut is really good -even if you’re not interested in animation at this time. It starts with modeling and is very clearly written step by step for the absolute beginner.

Edit: Btw learning this stuff is a long-term endeavor. Keep at it till you get over the initial learning hump and, well, as blenditall said -it’s awesome. :slight_smile: