Î'm new to blender

i wanna be an artist in blender and learn it .there are any good titorials or free courses to help me to improve my skill .

Tons of resource for this on youtube. You need to define what kind of artist you want to be , also don’t try to run before you can walk. If you want to work on projects keep them very very small at first. Like if you want to do archviz, don’t work on a room , work on a corner of a room or even smaller. If you want to do character design, don’t work on the entire character focus on something like the arm, or head,etc. Keep it small to build what I call 3D stamina or confidence. Big projects tend to burn out new artist, so a small quick one is a better way to go. Something you can do in a day or less.

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thank you very much for this advice . i’ll try to develop my skill on blender and realize my dream

Start with this?

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There’s a free Blender Fundamentals series on the official Youtube channel of the Blender Foundation. The intro chapters of the manual might also help.

Welcome to Blender! :slight_smile: