I'm New To Blender

I’ve been using Blender for a few months now and I have some questions. First off, I’ve been trying to create this ground scene and I want to make grass. How would I go about doing that? Do I need an image editor or something?

4 ways

  1. use particles
  2. use the fiber script
  3. create them from meshes
  4. make an image of grass blades and stick them to planes

the last one does need at least one program to make an image. It can be any even MS paint.

***how would i ‘stick’ them to the plane? sorry, n00b :expressionless:

That depends on what type of grass you want. If you just want a flat surface you can use the procedural textures to get something that looks like grass. If you want 3D grass you can do it quickly with particle systems, or you can use that nifty Fiber Script.

I think that you should reaf the offical blender manual first especially the dupliverts, / textures part.
There is a lot of answers to your questions. Then you should try to search for ‘beast’ and ‘fiber’ on this forum. These are good scripts for grass. But you should read the manual first. I’m sure you will find answers to 90% of your questions !!!

Thanks to everyone, this site is really helpful!!!