Im new to render settings in animation. Any difference then an image?

Hello…Im currently starting a music animation project, w/lip sync, using cg cookie flex rig, and instruments that I found on Blenswap that were provided by irokrhus. Im not sure if that is the correct way of giving someone credit for their models. I plan on adding songs through VSE and each scene will probably be about 3 min. long.

Here are the other render settings:

light paths - bouces: max 2 min 1

performance - center: x 256 y 256

Im not sure about the seed and clamp settings and any tips on that would be appreciated.

It took me awhile to figure out how to do simple render setup in animation. This shot took 14 minutes to render. So my question is there anything I can do to cut that down with the info I provided? Thank you very much as always.


You can use the denoiser feature of blender 2.79, to cut down rendertime it’s the sample setting that you need to tweak .
in your image everything looks clean, only the floor is noisy, you can lower the samples and see if it’s ok with the denoiser .

performance - center: x 256 y 256

If you’re using GPU it’s a good value

Opps…silly me I forgot to render on my desktop. This was my laptop, not sure if it matters. Desktop has evga gtx 780, xeon e3 1231 v3 3.4, not sure if that still is going to matter. Be back with any questions after render.

Thanks sozap for the info on denoiser feature. Im reading about it now to see how it works. I’ll do some work and hopefully be back.

Hello everybody I did my research with the denoiser and it helped a little bit. Now I have another problem. As you can see in the snapshots three of my characters were able to download the rig text except the drummer. The one snapshot shows the rig text there and I have tried it as link/append. No success. Any tips on that? I can give you more info on problem. Thanks. Check back later, practicing on my other characters.


Well I think Im just going to create another character right quick. There basic so far to practice with. If it happens again then somethings up. Thanks for the tip sozap. I dont know how to close out the thread.