I'm new

Hi everyone I just join and I hope to learn of u. Please tell me how to use blender to make 3d images and games.



Go to Blender wiki and read the tutorials.

Hi kit can you show me how to use the program. I never use it b4. ThanQ

I could show you in the right direction but the rest is up to you.

First off watch the video tutorials.


Download them all and you should gain a good grasp of Blender quickly.

Um, you can’t just dl Blender and start using it, and no one person can tell you how. It takes a lot of time and patience to learn, and you won’t get everything the first time you try it. Look around these forums for some beginning tutorials or something. I’ll post a few hotkeys you should learn right away in a bit…

Numpad #1 is front view.
Numpad #3 is side view.
Numpad #7 is top view. To reverse views, hold down control. (i.e. ctrl+7 to get bottom view, etc.)
Numpad #'s 2, 4, 6, & 8 rotate your view in incremented steps.
Numpad #5 switches between orthographic and perspective view.
Numpad #0 gives you the camera view.
Left mouse button (LMB) is used to position your 3D cursor.
Middle mouse button (MMB) is used to rotate your screen view. Hold down shift to pan. Scroll to zoom.
Right mouse button (RMB) is used to select things.
Space bar gives a menu, which is mainly used to add meshes to your edit view.
G is grab, or move.
S is scale, for making things larger or smaller.
X is delete.
E is extrude, like if you had a plane you might extrude the face to make a cube. (Ignore for the moment that Blender has a default cube shape already…):smiley:
B is box select, so you can drag a box around whatever you want to select.
A is select/deselect all.
X limits the movement of a selection to the global X axis. Hitting it twice restricts movement to the mesh’s local X axis.
Y does the same thing as X but limits movement to the global or local Y axis.
Z does the same as X and Y but for the global and local Z axes.

Oh my Gosh! this kid is going to drive me crazy.


flaming aside… Blender is a lot of fun and it takes a while to get it down, but everyone here is pretty helpful. Have fun with it!:smiley: The first thing you should do is learn all of the hot keys.

See http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Main_Page and get the quickstart sheet. It will help you in the beginning. See also http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/PartI/Your_First_Animation_in_30_plus_30_Minutes_Part_I