Im new

I’m new to this forum.I’m 15een and have a blender and the program blender.And i was wondering how long will it take to master blender?How long did it take you to make masterpieces?Please reply.

No flames necessary.Some bloke will pope up flaming me for no reason like any other forum

No flames necessary.Some bloke will pope up flaming me for no reason like any other forum

Probibly not, but it might turn into a pseudo-batle of the wits argument-type-thing. I’d rather have that then flames, though.

To completly master Blender ot any 3D package means to master what they do, and what they do is make 3D art, which is a simulation of the real world, and to master the real world, in terms of making realistic scenes, will take years and years and years. I’ve been using Blender and Yafray for about a year, and only recently started with learning more advanced texturing and material work.

Yo, Ive been with it for 1.5 years, and im fairly accomplished. not as in, oh, everyone on this forum knows me, but ive gotten some good feedback, and have some pretty good animation/modeling skills. It took me a week or two of solid work to really start to get the learning curve. It just depends on your aptitude i guess. welcome to Blender, and good luck!
edit, im 13

Sweeeeeeet.Cool it should be too difficult then.i can handle a straight week learning blender and i can be patient enought to learn it in one year.i mean i have a great imagination(everyone says…)and won an art competion first palce in all of Greece

And thanks.Ill try to be a good member and help others where necessery

Seeing as your new I suggest trying all the tutorials. Try and experement with different styles. I’m cartoony with hopes of going photorealism (see signature link) anywho, welcome! Oh to answer your question, I took only about a few months to really start getting good at it, but I had experience in Maya and 3dsMax. Usually people don’t start a thread to introduce yourself, but hey its cool.

cool thanks.How long does it take to make a pretty good 3d thingy?

Greece eh? I’ve been, Its really nice there.

Depends on what you think is good. I’ve been at Blender for 7 months or so now, here’s a link to my best work so far. Lightsaber

I post here a lot, but I still consider myself a Blender nOOb.:o

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In case you want off topic, just take shelter with the Cyborg Dragons and beware of the Super-Wu men.

Otherwise welcome and hope this is enjoyable.

ah, BS, super wu rocks(ya, the actual member) Cyborg is a stiff-a
just dont take anyone too seriously, or youll end up getting offended, or misinterpreting something.

blender is really none stop… there are so many people doing so many things with it out there that you could never be a master of every single aspect of it. New features, plug ins, scripts, versions, tutorils and ideas pop up all the time. Wanna know where to start? go and buy one of the books. I don’t think they do a greek version… but you could alwys write one :smiley:


Why not Join me in the Dark side? heavy breathing

Mind you the CG sociaty is a very open one, Forums like CG talk can have you chating with members of Pixar and not even know it.


Why would you say that?

Would anyone agree for that reason?

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Ha, nothing really, you just come across as sort of…not fun…strict. Im sure your not, thats just how you sound sometimes. It was a joke, didnt mean to offend you. :slight_smile:
peace man, you cool

lol @ free_ality and cyborg dragon. Thanks for giving our new member a first impression of this forum.:wink:

welcome ppp_yoman! Good luck with learning blender, and dont give up went it gets hard!

lol, yeah…uh,guilty, ppp_yoman, its not always like this…not usually…on thursdays…lol. It was in fun, Cyborg, your wonderful!

Hi… ppp_yoman!
i am also from Greece!:slight_smile:
(but i live in Germany:(in Munich!)
Yeah another this Forum…thats good news!:smiley:
because Blenders Popularity in Greece is not like in some other Meditteranian Countrys like (Spain,Italy as example)!
not so many Blender Users in Greece!!???:mad:
So maybe we can make Blender more Popular in Greece!!:rolleyes:


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Welome Yoman–
There’s an old quotation from some artist or other…when asked “How long did it take you to do this painting?”, he said, “My whole life.” Meaning that you’re never done learning…but, depending on how much time and effort you put ino it, you can be producing some nice stuff within, say, a month.

If you already draw a lot, and maybe paint, that will help. I don’t think that photorealism is necessarily the goal of 3D, in fact, my favorite Blender artist is Nick Towers and not just bcause we share a first name. So do the tutorials, have fun, and keep a critical eye on your work and others’ and ask a lot of questions.

Oh, yeah, after trying unsuccessfully to learn Lightwave for a year, a friend recommended that I try Cinema 4D and I did my first animation in that in about a month. Sometimes it’s just which 3D application works with the way you think…

ppp_yoman, dude, I wished I got into this stuff when i was your age… feeling old… but I think you just need to to stick at it no matter what, NO MATTER WHAT!!! 3d is not the easiest of mediums to get results with. I mean, if you try painting for the first time, even with hardly no drawing skills you can still put out a fairly decent picture within hours. 3d, takes time and before you see anything you will be proud of, you will be frustrated trying to get the right proportions, figuring out the correct tools to use, even if you are following a tutorial. But those moments, though frustrating, are the key to becoming a successful 3d artist.
Remember what you did how you did it, where you went wrong and how you corrected it. And learn to humble yourself, allow other to give constructive crits without getting offended, and listen to any advice given to you.
Welcome to Blender, and to blender artists, if you have any questions, post them, this is one of the most helpful online 3d communities I have come accross. But the most important I believe is to always respect the work of others. You are young and will most definately pick this up quickly, so have fun and share your experiances.

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