I'm not telling you what this is going to be. [BWC]

… But I have started the project. Instead of doing all sorts of explanation, I’d like to hear your first impressions as the image progresses. Hopefully the images will do the explaining.

Some things I’d like to nail down (besides good textures/lighting etc.)are:

  • A correct sense of scale
  • (In the final image) a slow realization of what is happening in the scene
  • Possibly an idea that the image takes place in the future.

This is what I have so far. I do have everything planned out, so stay tuned. I won’t be dropping out of this; 10 textbooks for my school would really, really be awesome. As well as the other stuff :wink:

So anyway, speak your minds.


I hope my monitor isn’t brighter than average. I can post a lighter version if it’s too dark for some people.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and if you’re looking for the “Moment In Time” component, I haven’t really done that part yet :slight_smile:

It looks like the ocean dried up and the titanic is there =P

I’m not really sure what that is… it looks like a large ship but there’s trash all around it…

Indeed it is a ship - you’ve got the main idea. (See, this way I can tell if the image makes sense. If I had explained it, there would be no objectivity:eyebrowlift2:)

The seals(?) want oil so the can drive cars.

Hmm… a ship and a pile of bodies…


You got me bro, I’m stumped! Hahaha, I’m a little lost at the moment, but I cant wait to see this evolve.

nice atmosphere! waiting for some more updates!!


i really like it

you got my vote =)

ship and bones?

An oil-tanker plowing through an ocean of bodies? It appears to be something about fossil fuel bringing our end or something, with the ‘Diesel’ text on the front of the ship and the moody atmosphere.

I don’t know lol.

Your current render reminds me of this, which I guess isn’t a bad thing. Rather a compliment. :slight_smile:
I’m looking forward to your next renders.



WAIT!! I see something. If you look on the ground to the left (the ships left your right) you see water, no no, fuel. Maybe diesel? Maybe that’s why the ship is named diesel. The US mines deep into the US and finds an ocean full of fuel after all of humanity dies.

Not real sure, but I’m pretty sure it’s some type of fuel it’s sailing in.

Thanks everyone for the replies.

gallardo: Wow, cool picture. Where did you get that?

free_ality: Well you’re no fun… that’s exactly what it is. Sandrew was right as well, and lots of others were close…

So this test proves that the image so far makes enough sense to the average viewer… which is good.

Interesting ideas about fuel by the way, sandrew and killer.

Updates coming. Been drawing a lot lately, but I am thinking about this simultaneously.

Haha, sorry! You were hinting at it like there must be some deeper meaning, so I was totally lost haha :slight_smile:

Well, there may be deeper meaning, but it didn’t originally have anything to do with what has been mentioned here.:rolleyes:

It’s a still from a short (Ark) I saw once on cgsociety.org.


The sky looks just a bit fake, maybe it’s the granularity or the gaussian blur.

There are some textures on the ship that can be mistaken for diffuse lighting, like near the text the side looks concave. The text font is also too high tech (what is dyed diesel anyway?)

The water looks nice, what little can be seen of it.

I do hope it’s not going to be politically correct about fossil fuel ending all life on Earth, I really do not like pieces that help to further Al Gore’s AGW agenda.

The clouds could use variation in shading, use planes and set them to recieve light and have SSS, just note your image will be egged and howled at on climate change skeptic sites if you decide to go politically correct.

Frankly I’d like to see a higher resolution image…

:confused: Wtf? :confused:

@Blenditall: Ahhhh. Haha, I guess I’ll just have to wait to get it :slight_smile: And btw, search The Ark on cgtalk, the short is absolutely brilliant, wonderful visuals(much better than the poster would suggest).

First thing I thought when I saw this was Titanic… before dismissing it and thinking Exxon Valdez. Looks sweet so far.

Good luck in the contest!