I'm now blocking ads

Hi guys, I’m sorry to say I’m turning on ad blocking now for this site. I’d rather support it but I’m getting a bit annoyed with the ad that keeps constantly coming up with polygonal women humping each other, on the main news & discussion forum page. Not that I really mind myself, but it’s not real appropriate when I’m on this forum at work, checking for scripts or answers.



Yeah I get the same one constantly too.

Its a bit strange for an advert. Proabbly the only company that is paying for internet advertising right now.

It is very annoying.
A well designed advertisement though, gets your attention (thus this thread)

But these things pass after a while (hopefully very soon in this case), fingers crossed that the Blender (kitchen appliance) adverts come back, they were amusing.

I agree. Unnecessary and inappropriate to what they are selling - I was hoping it would be gone by now.

i always get the flash player 10 ad

Everytime i see that add i’m disapointed. :frowning:

Arrrrrrrghghghgh. Evertime i’m fooled.

Hohoh! the ad blocking Tools! :RocknRoll:
I think that this site mast think of this before every any one use that tools! or not! :confused: