I'm offended


I saw this in a previously locked thread and I just wanted to say, " I think that it should be banned. especially the nineth word. It is a blight or stain apon my religion and it needs to be dry cleaned. So no more I say!"

I also want to wish everyone a very merry x-mas and thank you to the mods because CD ain’t gonna get my thread locked. I am.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to you too…
So what do you want from Santa little one?

Merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone here on Blenderartists!

Let’s keep this thread open, k guys?

Merry christmas everybody! hopefully, a couple of us can participate in a “Merry Christmas” SMC or something.

Merry christmas!

So on christmas morning I plan to play some instagib ut2k4 so I will twitch all day while opening presents. How about you guys?

You damn well should be offended mate, religious zealots/nutcases making a fuss over absolutely nothing seems to be becoming the norm (especially over in america)

So merry x-mas to you and peace be to everyone (even the religious zealots) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d worry more about the substance of it than it’s actual embodyment.

–whatever you call it, I’ll take it if it’s from the heart (prefably the good side)

Merry Christmas blenderheads :wink:

I respect other peoples religions/holidays, but I think its unfair to try and make a national holiday ‘politically correct’. Everyone should just celebrate how they want, and feel okay congradulating others on the holidays they celebrate.
So peace, Merry Christmas
PS Im not trying to offend anybopdy, please dont take it that way.

Merry Christmas!

Een prettige Kerstmis en een gelukkig nieuwjaar, iedereen! :smiley:

Wha? You don’t like my word? … sniff sniff… why not? YOU ARE A CRUEL PERSON!!! WHY MUST YOU RUIN MY JOY???

I am ganna sit in a corner and cry till I die…




Me: “Hello!”
Thread slams shut again

You know, CD isn’t the only one who’s able to hijack and/or flame threads.

well stop being stupid and threads won’t get closed.

Merry Christmas guys and happy Chanukah, and happy Hajj, and whatever other religions celebrate.

and happy new year, unless you are chinese then happy new year later in the year :stuck_out_tongue:


You know, CD isn’t the only one who’s able to hijack and/or flame threads.

Whatever do you mean?
Puts down flamethrower
I hope you’re not trying to say I do that!
Quickly writes down nasty comments so he can use them on a different thread

(yelling in the background — “stop it or else santa’s gonna give you a bag of coal!”)
happy holidays!

Why does santa have three gardens?

so he can ho-ho-ho. hehe

Santa loves getting down and dirty with his hoes.