I'm puzzled here, can anyone help?

:spin:I’m new to Blender and find the software very complex and confusing. I have managed to create 3D environments in Blender many times. However, does anyone know how I can load/ turn my own pictures, into plugins and animation. Also after you’ve render animatations, how do you export them to formats that are supported by youtube. I write Sci - Fi movies and I need an animation suite that will actually work.

My goal is to upload pictures of my props into the UV/Image editor, then then do automatic UV wrapping/unwrapping and box select, so I can then work with my props from “3D view”. Ideally I would render, once my animation environment, is just the way I want it. I’m trying to do everything with pictures as much as possible, to reduce the pain staking work involved. Include terrain, characters , and the whole bit. Since I write movies long enough to fill up an entire DVD.

I’ve used my simpler movie making software. So it seems they could have simplified things with Blender a bit. I’m trying to stick it out with Blender however. Since Blender promises to deliver some great animation.


I think you’re talking about like a layered back drop- kind of like a mountain picture with a hill picture in front with a tree picture in front, etc. type thing. And then like depth of field blur to make it look distant. That being the assumption. Try this:

A…If you work with Photoshop/ Gimp- each picture will need to have 2 seperate pictures- 1. the picture 2. an alpha channel (Black and white matte version) to cut it out.
B…Just make a bunch of plane meshes and line them up to the camera
C…Layer them in the order that you want
D…when you import the picture to put on each of them, be sure to hit “alt + v” so it’ll autosize the plane to match the dimensions of the picture.
E…Import to the first texture slot on the plane the color image (if you need to turn the “shadeless” button on the material tab- it won’t take lighting and shadows, but it will give the full color)
The second texture slot import the alpha (black and white cut out image)- um there might be some issues if you didn’t create the alpha channel with the image when doing this- sometimes depending on the format and resolution- it doesn’t cut cleanly- I think PNG’s work usually- but be aware of that.
Anyrate- if the outside of the matte is black and the color portion is white- under “map to”, click “alpha” twice (so its yellow)- theennn, pull down the “DVar” till the slider is 0.
Next under “Links and Pipeline” click “Ztrans” otherwise the alpha channel works, but the plane will still block the other planes behind it from showing- kinda weird.
F…You now have a properly sized image cut out (yea)
G…Animate whatever
H…To render- if you didn’t have an audio track and need one- then its better to render out as frames or something and load it into a video editor and add the audio track
I…If you did have the audio with it- when choosing the export format choose FFmpeg- I think I’ll let someone else explain all the output settings unless noone nose ;0 then I’ll explain- but basically for like you tube go with MPEG4- Multiplex the audio (Mixes audio w/ video)
J…Hit render
By the way if you want depth of field w/o weird artifacts- that is another thread I think…