Im quitting WoW

cant handle it, at first wow was the funnest dam thing since twister, but now im finding i have to commit my own life into my game because other were depending on me… playing hours a day. i feel like im on crack, im addictited, and i dont wat this mofo game takin over my life,

so,… im quitting, im gonna find a game like fable. to play that isnt so addictive but will still keeep my mind of wow. ill probably use this week to say good boy to in game frends then ill probly sell my account. haha.
anyone else play wow? anyone else had to quit? anyone else want to no reasons why to stay away from the game? anyone care about this thread?

Good for ya. I was hooked on online gaming with Halo 2 online multi-player. First it was a great way to vent off frustration and anger and it was fun but then the sessions started lasting over a couple of hours. I dropped the LIVE account a month ago. Never felt better and trust me, you’re doing a good thing for yourself.


[EDIT] Comparing WoW and Halo 2 may not be the best thing here but we’re talking about video game addiction here. So please don’t flame me!

Quit now while you still can.

I would be hooked to Leizure suit Larry if I had that on my pc and that would stink, i would loose sleep and have darn good time, then i would forget to worry about all things outside computer world. bye

Sounds like an alky swearing off the booze and saying he’s just gonna drink beer from now on. Cold turkey, man. Only way to go.

Rock on! I’ve hated WoW since the day I stopped playing it XD

lol, so your giving up a game to play another… are you sure the game is the issue!?

Just kidding!:cool:

I’m finding out what this term called moderation is. I have played video games for as long as I can remember and they are no more destructive than people playing sports or going shopping all the time or going to bars all the time. If anything video games saves me lots and lots of money and I still get to relax and enjoy. I’m not what you would call physically fit but I am also not overweight by any stretch of the imagination.

So if you find something enjoyable then do it, unless you are Catholic. If so then if it feels good, stop. Either than that do what you enjoy and brings you happiness. If your guildies can’t handle you not playing all the time then they have no respect for you and your time and you should really find a new one.

Just my 2 cents.


i dont think youve ever played wow before, and become addicted. video and blendering are wat i like to do in my alone time. so going form wow to doing absolutly nothing is stupid, i played wow cus i wanted somthing to do, and cus im a dummass.

tell you the truth, i decided to quit wow after strolling through ebaums and coming across this vid, it scared the shit outa me, seeing that soon if i keep playing this will happen to me. plus, im at the worste possible time in my life to be playing video games all the time. im 15, meaning im supposed to enjoy highschool and not be up in my room playing wow like a fawkin hermit. i understand the 21 year olds that play it cus they want to take a year off, or a middle aged family man that playes wow with his wifey, i dont no, i might go back to the game some day, just to see how its changed and to hear the stories of the players burnign out there eyes from playing the dam game for 8 years straight, but i no now ill be going into the game knwoing ill only play it once in a while…

RANKN67: True, never played it. I think my younger brother played for a while, he told me it was boring though. Thanks for sharing that video, that brought much light into something I’ve never really thought much about. I think the most significant thing said in that was “…it’s a fantasy world, a bit like book, only it never ends.”

I’m a firm believer that valuable things can be learned from anything, maybe you should look at some of the things you have learned about from the game and apply that to your real life, the reality you really living.

I’m sure some of the things you can and will experience in High School, will bring you much more than anything a digital world can.

Just something to think about…

I checked out the site, looks like a very addictive game, music, the worlds, character and well i dont have the vocabulary to say… well it seems like a game that really craps a person into it, similar to great book, although with books you are usually done with them at most in a month.
rankn67: its darn late here, anyways i ask y do y believe in destiny? if y do then it does no sense to quit. if y dont then quit.

Good for you, man. I was a horrible Runescape addict two years ago, but then I sold my account to a friend from school for 70 dollars and haven’t looked at it since.

Most of the people in here saying that video games are the problem with him and not just WoW don’t know much about WoW. You have to play 15-20 hours A DAY to be very competitive and a lot of people do that.

I’ve managed to stay away from it this long and I’m going to keep it up. I’ve had experiences with MMOs enough to know better.

listen to this fella

i find it hard to get addicted to a game because i sux at online games.

i feel if a game makes me want to throw a keyboard into a wall, i should throw the disk into the wall with it.

i go backwards, i played battlefield 2: for 6 hours a day, then 3, then 1 or 2, and i havnt touched it now for 5 months. i heard of that chineese dude dying and some korean dude starving to death on WoW. jesus christ, is it really that fun?

Well, I don’t know if I’m more impressed that you realized that you were addicted or that you made the decision to quit.

Either way, good for you. Its not a nice feeling to be addicted to something.

YES!! WOW is finally losing followers. They are now becoming Blender addicts instead.

Congrats on quiting. :slight_smile:

no no no, havent quit yet, ive just said, im gonna start to quit, wen the urge to start playing wow again goes awaym then i have officially quit
btw nj, the drama of the game liek wanting to throw ur keyboard agians the wall is why u come back each day,
shadow- wow is losing followers but its gaining folowers faster, but eventually wow will eventually end, i hope,
people think the game is great, and it is, but its not perfect, a new game is gonna come along and push wow off the market, hell, i bet if fable made an mmo it would compete with wow

I play Civililation quite a bit . . . maybe 30 mins each day.