Im rookie can u dudes direct me to or make a tutorial??

About making games and animating .
And any upgrade or program that can enhance Blender to make it easier to use

Sorry but :

1- This the wrong forum : try the Blender Game Engine forum (who would have guessed ! ).

2- Google : Blender+game+tutolrial and it doesn’t rain it pours tutorials from everywhere. Choose your own poison.

3- Nothing can be easier to use for making games (not just levels) than Blender already.


Read the manual. Great place to start.

Your question is unfortunately a little too vague for anyone to offer any help. “Making games” and “animating” are awfully broad and deep topics.

Blender really doesn’t need to be easier. You just have to realize you are trying to accomplish a complicated task, and you are going to have to be willing to invest some time into learning the tools.