I'm runing Win7 64-bit, but all 64-bit Blender 2.5x builds crash...

Yes, I really am running a 64-bit machine and a 64-bit OS:

Despite that, every single 64-bit build of Blender has crashed as soon as I opened it. Even the latest 2.55. I’ve installed 64-bit Python, but I also have several versions of Blender installed. I’ve not done anything special there, just installed each version of Blender to it’s own folder. All the 32-bit builds work, but none of the 64-bit builds. The 64-bit builds work fine on my other machine that’s running Ubuntu.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Oh, and I’m running several other 64-bit programs just fine.

Do I need to put this in a different place?

Do you have the visual studio x64 runtime environment installed?


I thought I did. I’ll have to double check that. Thank you very much…

Yes, I had that package. I reinstalled it and still have exactly the same problem. When I start Blender it immediately (no splash screen) crashes. No info on the console. No other info. :-\ All the 32-bit distros work just fine for me.

try starting blender from the command line and pipe the stdout into a textfile.

type: “cmd” <enter>
Console should open.
Navigate to your blender directory in the console.
start blender with:
“blender.exe > console.txt”

It will open and crash and if it wrote anything useful it should be in the console.txt.
I am sure the console starts and prints an error, it will just be that fast you can´t notice.
Alternatively there should be a log.txt on errors in the blender folder if i am not mistaken which is basically the same.

You can also try to install blender with the configuration files directly in the directory with the binaries.
I never install software using the %appdata directory if possible.

That’s really cool! I didn’t know you could redirect output like that in Windows! Unfortunately it didn’t work. No console.txt was generated anywhere on my C:/ drive, nor is there a log.txt anywhere on the C:/ drive :-< I even looked at the console while Windows was generating the crash report, but the console was blank. And of course the crash report didn’t contain anything legible. All of my 64-bit Blender installs are from .zip folders so I don’t think they are saving anything into the AppData, although my other Blender installs are.

These are great suggestions, but apparently not the right ones for my situation. Any other ideas?

It is not on c:\ the logfile will be created in the directory where oyu ran blender.
Unless you use “blender.exe > c:\console.txt” or run blender from c:\ with “d:\Blender2.5\Blender.exe>console.txt”

I guessed as much. I looked in the blender directory first and when I didn’t find it I did a search of the entire drive just to be sure something strange didn’t happen (it got put in one of the AppData folders or something). Didn’t find it or log.txt

Any other ideas?

quicktime. try reinstalling or uninstalling.

Edit, let me explain a little further. I’ve seen lots of people with this problem and it seems to be something about a dll and quicktime. They aren’t really sure why quicktime is messing it up, but it seems it is. Hope this helps.

Im writing in this post bcose by problem is similar and tho is not necessary to open a new threat.

I have my defalut blender 2.55 running in intel pentium dual cpu [email protected] 1.47ghz with 3gb ram (win7-32bits), and my blender closes (error-app start running) if i open my user interface panel (sometime only when i get to addon separator)

I ask for help in this issue.

Best regards,


I will try uninstalling or reinstalling Quicktime, we’ll see what that does.

I have the same problem as proff on a different computer of mine (Intel, 32-bit Vista). Every time I open the User Preferences panel, Blender crashes.

It worked!!! I uninstalled Quicktime and now all of my 64-bit builds work!! No idea why that would happen, but I’m quite willing to leave Quicktime twisting in the wind so that I can use Blender. I’ll try reinstalling Quicktime later, but for now I’m happy. Many thanks!!

No problem, just so you know though. I have quicktime installed and it works fine on my end. win 7 64 bit etc. :\