Im Sick Of Blender (not really, just frustrated)

Blender is making me SO MAD!!! I put a bunch of work into my game, then a whole bunch of bugs start coming up. the big one that is driving me crazy is the bullets. when the gun shoots, most of the time the bullets don’t go straight.
i have an add object actuator with an empty parented to the gun. sometimes the bullets go perfectly straight, but mostly they go way in the wrong direction! they usually hit 10 feet away from where the gun is pointing!
i know this isn’t a problem with the way i set it up. i’ve been trying to fix it for hours! it’s some glitch or bug in blender and it’s driving me CRAZY!!!
somebody PLEASE help!!! im so freaking frustrated!!!


gun problem.blend (93.2 KB)

apply everything’s loc/scale/rot with ctrl-a, but this might kinda make things a little funky so you can readjust afterwards.

calm down, blender game engine is one of the best out there, the only reason it isn’t THE best is because of CryEngine2 tying it for first - (get flowgraphs blender and u win!)

and actually it probably is something you did, and that’s not an insult, it’s just that working with any program it’s helpful to know everything about that program, but in general with blender that’s sort of impossible as it is a program that changes each and every day basically

but yeah, to be honest there is probably 100 ways to get a bullet to fly straight in the game engine

maybe if you change your approach

for instance why are you adding an object, all you have to do is raycast with a time delay, then have IPO bullet animations that aren’t physicallized in order to simulate bullets being shot with a gun - whenever the bullet is registered as a hit, whether it’s a wall or an enemy, have the IPO animation end and then spawn a smoke, char, or blood animation wherever the bullet hit. And remember you don’t have to do 1,000 physics calculations in order to find the EXACT location of the hit, just approximate it, and it will probably be fine.

I didn’t look at the blend file

but if you use a ray, how does it know to add the spark where it collides with the wall?

python. search for socials fps template. it probably does all you want and more.

i downloaded that a long time ago. plus, im not using python at all. and im doing all of my work based on my original ideas. my fps setup is probably a lot different than most people’s anyway, but it still works the same
i just need someone to download the blend to at least see whats happening

I think I saw some form of rayhit detection in the Python documentation, then just get the vector of that and spawn the effect, or maybe it’s simpler? I’m not expert.

the point is that raycast will be accurate, although after opening your blend it appears that your axis of parenting isn’t in alignment or something like that. They appear to be rotating from different origins (the camera and the bullet spawner)

I didn’t look too deep into it though to be honest, perhaps partially because I don’t particularly like it when people complain too much (your title)

This was part of the reason I moved from Crysis forum to this one. Some people were whining about every little thing blaming the engine all the time.


that kind of thing =)

Well that makes it clearer. You need to alter your strategy. You’re going to want to use Python for any semi serious project - that is unless you’re absolutely pro at using logic bricks and complex empty/parenting relationships? Are you?

im not saying blender sucks. i love blender, but i just thought it was a bug or something, until you said they were rotating on different axis. how would i fix that?

by the way, you can view it in wireframe mode to see where the bullets are going

i wouldn’t say i’m a pro, but i have done EXTREMELY complicated things only with logic bricks. Like Guitar God all logic bricks

i will use python for one thing. saving and loading the game. that is one thing that is impossible to do with logic bricks

wow. thats wierd. i don’t know why that showed up in my reply

I’m an ardent DIY’er so I feel like I’ll leave it to you to figure that out. On the way to finding that answer you’ll probably discover 5 other useful things that you didnt’ even know you wanted to know before.

oh yeah, I’m cool :cool:

but yeah seriously, a fundamental skill such as proper parenting is something you should figure out by researching for yourself

because once you figure out for yoruself how blender handles such an essential function within the program it could serve to provide greater insight on several other aspects of the program.

But someone else is free to tell him how to do it.

Not that I know for sure that its’ even the real issue here.

You see error checking is also essential, something I am not even close to mastering.

And I’m off! :spin:

come on, i have no idea how to figure out how to fix that on my own. im not exactly an expert on parenting
EDIT: Plus, i’ve worked on fixing this for hours. what makes you think i will EVER figure it out if i havent already?

are you using the velocity settings on the add actuator itself? if so tat is your problem. INSTEAD put a motion actuator on the bullet itself using dloc for the direction you want it to go. Dead straight, every time. guaranteed. (be sure to keep local turned on with the add actuator)

EDIT: Ok thats not your issue BUT! I have solved this before! …somehow…ill keep trying…it’s simple i know…

i AM using a motion actuator on the bullet usind dloc. using the velocity settings under ADD OBJECT just makes it worse.

GAH! its been too long since I’ve had this issue!! This is really frustrating, ESPECIALLY when you used to know the solution!:spin: :spin: :spin:

what? you’ve had this problem before?

oh yes, many times. I’m looking through my old blends, so far no luck. Ill keep searchin’. I THINK it may have something to do with parenting? maybe…

oh i hope you find the problem. this is the biggest issue in my game so far.
if no other bugs come up, this game should go smoothly until its done (will take a few months. its gonna be a big game hopefully)
just so many people plan out a game and say they will finish it, but they don’t. i am 100% committed to this project and i don’t care if it takes me a year to finish it. i will.

1: turn off bullet dynamics
2: parent your adder to your camera, instead of your gun

thats it. except now collisions don’t register…