I'm so frustrated!!! (UV-mapping)

Well, some of you have seen my Nokia cellphone image. Now I am trying to texture it with uv’s, for output to Yafray. But Blender is only able to show the first texture I put on. I did the display first, and then I started with the buttons. What happens in shaded view is that as soon as I leave Face select, the object with the new texture disappears! It renders fine with F12, and the objects reappear when I go to solid or wireframe view. So how can I see all my textures in shaded view?

Shaded view:

Solid view:

Rendered image:

Because UV-mapping assumes you have 1-sided polygons (as in viewable only if you’re looking at the side where the normals are pointing towards the camera), they will disappear in textured mode. This usually happens when you flip an object to mirror it (it looks like you did that for some of your buttons perhaps). What doesn’t make sence, though, is that you’d be able to see the faces while you’re texturing them. But a solution might be to go into edit mode, select all verts, and press Alt-N to recalculate the normals. Hope that helps!

I have recalculated the normals, and you are right, I did use mirroring. The really strange thing is that I can see the textures in Vertex paint, Texture paint and Face select modes, but as soon as I leave them the whole object is gone. It shouldn’t have anything to do with a lousy graphics card either, it’s a Geforce 4.

…Are you in shaded mode or textured mode? Press Alt-Z to make sure you’re in textured. The draw mode icon should look like a “potato”.

Yes, I am in textured mode, Alt-Z. Calling it shaded was just the wrong word.

Never mind, I found it out today. The buttons had another drawmode, I had them in Solid! :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: