I'm so not 'in the zone' today >.>;

And by that I mean no matter what I try I can’t produce anything at all, all my sculpts look like someone tried to eat clay and threw it back up, my models lack any objective quality and I just can’t get anything done today.
I got some nice sculpts yesterday and today I just can’t seem to do anything.

So, any suggestions for how to get back in ‘the zone’?

Maybe try doing something else then ?_?

I did that, didn’t really help :confused:

try coding a small game?

break something using fracture or molecular?

model something mechanical?

Coding a small game, that’s a neat idea but I don’t have the time for that.
Breaking things using the fracture modifier… that sounds entertaining at least
modeling something mechanical. Probably a good idea,

I guess I’ll model something mechanical and then break it with fracture… or maybe explode

I have attached 3 photos - have a look and then take a deep breath…I find looking at photos often helps.


In these situations I always step back, drink a gallon of orange kool-aid, put on my happy cape, and do 8 backflips while yodeling. Works every time.

Friend, it will happen to you every now and then, no matter what it is you do for a living. There will be days when you’re absolutely jammin’, and there will be days when you need to lock-up your computer and write-protect every file that you’ve got. I call it “being in ‘stupid mode’” and it just happens.

Those pictures… surprise me, I didn’t know you could lift a house with just a crane, I thought it took more than that.

Ah, orange kool aid and backflips combined with yodeling, sure would help if I could backflip.

Oh I know it happens, I just don’t know how to solve it and it always discourages me and makes me take long hiatus’ that last for several weeks up to months at a time.

Yeah mon - it was great there. The lady who moved the house said she’s just an individual who wants to build another house…so the “old house” will go some place. She didn’t elaborate and I need ask…sometimes things are just better that way. Things to wonder about you know… and anyway… here’s three more pictures if you need to relax and hope them pictures get you in the zone…


I posted this a couple weeks ago to someone else with the same problem:

Stop working and take a week-long holiday. During that holiday, do not spend moe than an hour a day on the internet. If you get bored, use pen-paper or read a book, don’t watch TV. This will force you to use the visual part of you brain, and your creativity. Most of our media is presented visually, and I think (my opinion), that it kills our imagination, as every aspect of the object is presented to us.

I did this on my last holiday, and am very glad I did. I came out of it with ideas, questions…

If you have a workshop at home, I can recommend heading out there with your hammer, saw, bigger hammer, welder etc, and try working with physical materials. It really does help you be creative, as the process is more restrictive, so you have to think through things properly.

Ah, quality nature photos! Now that’s inspirational… I should sculpt some terrain

I do that every day, although I should probably switch from the realm of electronic engineering to woodworking for a while (and perhaps I’ll finally have a desk then)

I have a trusty 21 speed shimano “pyscho III” bike that gits me around. I recently changed the front tyre (the previous owner must have been really rough on her as it was just bald at one spot only). Then I had to adjust the brake - the pad was worn. All of this work really got me back to the computer. I will post a photo of my prize one day!

I just found my zone, and moved In,