I'm so tired

I thought I might make myself a cup of coffee to keep me-self awake. It sure did the trick.


Too bad I didn’t get any chance to drink it :-?


Seems a bit too Bright anyways. I’m not too fond of milk in my coffee :wink:

hey, are the ripples a wood texture with nor? very clever :slight_smile:

seems to me he used the good ol’ Wave modifier :slight_smile:

Alex G,

Yes, the ripples are wood texture with nor :wink:

Mr Muscly,

Well, as you can see the cup’s a bit of an abstract. I wasn’t planning for that though ^.^! it just turned out that way.

I’m glad you could tell what I was trying to get, milk-coffee ^.^! my friend called it Milo : .


What’s the wave modifier? is that one of the advance modelling tool?

Wave modifiers are in the Alpha (and CVS) versions but not in 2.37.

With that said, it’s a modifier you attach through the Editing window (F9) like Subsurf and such is done in the versions that supports this. It simply makes waves in your mesh (gotta have some sort of subdivision if you’re just using a plane/cube since it moves the vertices around).

And as for my “too Bright” comment I meant it along with the “I don’t like milk in my coffee” part. Coffee + milk = bright coffee (at least sort of)

Good luck

Correc me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t the wave modifier allways existed? Just that it’s a modifier now and not aneffect as it was before…
Hence “good lo’Wave modifier”.

It’s a really nice cup and delicious-looking coffee. The picture is currently very over-exposed and is completely without a contrasting background. There’s also no shadows to speak of in the lighting. But the model, and the liquid, sure looks nice!

I’ll take a triple-shot latte, please. :wink:

Oh sorry then :expressionless:

Well seems I have gone ahead of my knowledge, sorry.

No what you said was true. After all, the wave modifier isn’t in the 2.37 :smiley: