I'm still alive

Just incase anyone is wondering where I have been lately.

Well, i’m having a bit of a 3d artwork block still, and since buying Trainz last october, I have not fired up blender since!

Well, hello anyway.

Perhaps i’ll get back into blender soon.



hey dude, nice to see you back :slight_smile:


Well, I installed Mandrake 9 yesterday. I figured that if I get a nice linux graphics workstation(1) set up, then I may be tempted to use blender again!

(1) for graphics workstation read dual booting winxp with linux!


I’ve had an odd Linux problem recently, never seen it before. I’m using RH 7.3. Last few days when I’ve shut down (had some t-storms), when I booted back up, Linux would barely start to boot, and would freeze up. It seems there was some kind of kernel panic, then the last line it prints is something about trying to sync the idle process.

Here’s what’s different since it started happening: I used to boot to X, but I changed it not to (to boot to Run-Level 3). I think it happened the first time I shut down and rebooted since (not the first time I rebooted out of KDE, and into Run Level 3 to test it). That first time though, I was in a hurry and didn’t know how to shut down the system from the terminal, so I had to just flip the switch on it. I thought that’s what did it, but it happened tonight too. I shut down by su’ing to root, and entering “sbin/shutdown -h time now”. This kernel panic in both cases happend about 2-4 times in a row, rebooting with the switch, then finally booted correctly. Any ideas?


Ummm, ask a linux expert (which i’m not!)



boggles. I could’ve sworn I started a new thread with this. How’d I get over here???


Are you sure that this was the command you called? I know that shutdown is very picky with commandline switches also it mostly does whatcha want. I normally shutdown with shutdown -h now which works fine.

Oh, and welcome home rndrdbrian!

Well, pretty much… may not have used “time”. But the first few times I tried it was as a user, not root, so it never recognized “shutdown”, thought I may have to type out the directory structure as well.