I'm still kind of new to Blender and need help with an animation

I have no idea what’s wrong with my animation. I have tried looking at tutorials, but it seems like most of them are either for complete beginners or people who are really good at using blender.

So here’s my problem:
I am trying to do this animation with a humanoid frog character. I put him in one location and LocRotScale all of his armatures. Then I go forward in frames and put him in another location and pose and LocRotScale all of him again.
But when I go to playback the animation he is always stuck in that last pose. He will move through the locations I had him but will always be stuck in that last pose. When I add another set of frames on the end that will become the new pose he is stuck in.

I have tried search engines and tutorials to firgure it out, but it is kind of a specific problem so I couldn’t find anything…

Does anyone have any advice on what they think is wrong? Or at least some intermediate level Blender tutorials they really liked?

are you selecting all of the bones when adding keyframes?

Possibly attaching the blend would facilitate an answer.

Are you working in pose mode?

I have attached a blend file showing my problem. I had the frog in three different poses: at frame 1,25,and 50. In each pose I had him in a different spot and had his limbs in different positions. But when I play back the animation he is always stuck in position#3.

I can’t explain to you what’s been happening - I have no idea.

But I do know that your setup is completely wrong.

You have a many armatures controlling the torso and each limb. Don’t do it this way.
All of your bones should belong to a single armature.
Your mesh should be parented to that single armature.
Currently, your frog is parented his left leg armature. (You can see what’s parented to what by looking at the “Properties panel” and clicking on the “Object” tab (with the orange cube icon). This is where you can learn about what is parented to what.)

I reccommend starting over. Go to the “Object Modifier” tab (the wrench icon) and remove all of your armatures.
Now, select all of your armatures and combine them into a single armature (select them, then CTRL+J). Rename your amature to whatever you want.

Remove all exiting keyframes. Clear your armature’s position and rotation. Clear your mesh’s position and rotation.
Now you can position your bones where they need to go. Make sure you have the bones in the proper hierarchy. When everything is properly placed, select your armature, go into pose mode, select a bone, select the mesh. Parent the mesh to the bones (CTRL+P).

You should now be able to animate: Go into pose mode, position your bones, insert keyframe, go ahead a few frames, pose, insert etc.
I hope this helps.

I had thought that “armature” and “bone” were different terms for the same thing. (So when I wanted to add in bones for another limb I would go in and add another armature.) Apparently not. I tried what you suggested and now all the bones seem to be in one armature. Thank you for the help. I will continue working to try to fix it.

Lemme know if it works :slight_smile: