Im stuck

I would like to know how to parent captain toad’s head lamp to this spotlight:

i tried parenting the selected bone with the spotlight and it did not work, i tried
by separating the bone, parent the spot light with it, select the bone and join it with the rest of the bones. And also tried to select the the spotlight and the head lamp and did not work.
When i rotate the bone it rotates the head lamp but not the spotlight any ideas?

Looks Like you tried most all options…but…
Set origin to Lamp…select lamp and then spot-lamp and Parent to Object.
I tried it with just a circle and a point lamp and works.

For parenting to a bone .
Select your objects to be parented. Add the armature to the selection at last. Enter pose Mode. Select the desired bone. Return to object mode. Press CTRL P. Choose patent to bone.

I mean if i rotate the lamp (not the spotlight) it moves but when i rotate the bone it does not work.

My final result:

i Got the model from Models Resource, Could not parent the SpotLight but it still worked fine.