I'm stupid or is it bug - view port support just 8 spot lamps

Hi, I must to say that I nob in Blender.
I’m work with the project for low poly game. I need used “Shadow baking” for vertex colour. And must to add a lot of street lights there. But I cant do that, because after I add over 8 lamps, viewport dont want show me on :mad:

Fast render

Is it bug or I miss something, thanks for patience and your answer…
Rally G

I’m fairly certain this is a limitation of the old OpenGL spec, but I could be mistaken.

I know that GLSL mode at least supports a more or less unlimited number of lamps if your card does as well.

I can’t tell if you’re using GLSL mode, but the viewport default is multi-texture which uses the old fixed function pipeline (before the age of shaders).

Yes it was my mistake. I try it in multi-texture mode. In GLSL now all is okay - I’m stupid :open_mouth:
And render, now looks good. May in default viewport, it’s show less of lights, that I have ATI vga…

In GLSL mode I have others problem I cant setup alfa channel transparency like in Game mode. Now its have just flat wall :frowning: