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Hello folks. I’ve finally decided one thing…I know enough about nothing to know I know nothing of what i’m doing…or not doing… :wink: Ok, humor is being put away a moment. I’ve played with blender on and off for a couple years now. I’m at a point in my life where I’m tired of the same old same old of everyday life and I started trying to make a few worlds in blender to pass my copious amounts of free time (yeah…sure…copious…oh yeah…humor is put away. sorry) Anywho, what I want to do is learn what I need to know to use blender to create a 3d RPG. Fact is I’m realistic in the fact that I know it’s going to take me years or my entire lifetime to learn what I need without being able to spare the classroom time I once could. My real question here is…what do I need to learn other than a programming language (trying to learn C++ atm…lord help me) to turn my virtual worlds built here in blender into something I can move around in freely with my keyboard? I’m at a point now where I would be tickled to make a block avatar and as small a program as possible, and click my little .exe file, and move him around wide open space…much less learn how to make him jump or something. I’ve read everywhere I can think of online and have yet to find a place that says, get this program for world building, this for object building, texture it all, and use X to glue it all together so you can run it. Now, with all of that banter out of my mind…what do I need to do/get/learn to take my world built with blender and my avatars built with blender, and make them co-exist? Any help, even the “I have no clue what you just asked” kind would be greatly appreciated by my over stressed, crammed full, and deminishing brain cells :p. Thanks in advance folks.


Well… work out what you want to do and then work out step by step how to do it.
This takes a lot of time, work and patience. You need some sort of idea in your head of what you want. So jot it down and work throught it step by step.
Experience tells me there is no easy answer. Just a lot of work.
I dont think you even need to learn python. Try downloading some similar .blends and then pull them apart, see how they work and then replicate on the file the parts you want.

For simpler games - ie the level of task you want to do - just learning the blender game engine logic buttons and scripting would probably be enough (C++ is overkill for what you want and in your spare time are unlikely to learn enough to even be able to adapt an existing engine to your needs except for the most trivial changes).

So - I’d recommend purchasing a copy of the game engine book (the examples only work properly for the old engine - but the majority of the principles and such still apply). Also see the wiki tutorials on the game engine.

Also there is a series of video tutorials for the game engine in the game engine forum.

Those used together should give you the knowledge you need to accomplish your goal and do so in a relatively short period of time.


Start small, work incrementally, accept (and love) failure, and try, try again. :slight_smile:

I’m also still a big noob at “game making stuff”, but I’m using Blender, CrystalSpace, CEL, Celstart and Blender2Crystal to learn. You can create a level, export it to CrystalSpace and run it with Celstart. All from within Blender. You don’t even need C++.

Making something that can run around and jump is just a couple of clicks. For more advanced stuff you can use Python or XML for scripting. Just follow the link in my sig to the main site.

(mmmm, i’m starting to sound like a CrystalSpace commercial :))

Start making simple games with logic bricks and move on to more complex stuff. In my opinion, a good advice would be: if you are not expirienced with making games, don’t model everything you want in your game and then start doing logic of the game. It will just get very complex.
Good luck!

Do 2d first, it’s many times easier than 3d.

Hello Thorned…

I’m busily writing a science-fiction opus online, and I’ll be happy to share the models I’m making with you. World-building is my passion; however, I’m not looking at creating a game so much as a living graphic novel.

I’ll put all kinds of tutorials up on my blog - animation, paper-drawing-to-3d, render farm setup, as people have need of them.

All this can be found at:


Games require a lot of work; so as one person, you have to be prepared to spend lots of time on it. Its better to have a team of individuals with different strengths: art, general programming, AI, networking, etc so you can divide the time required to implement a game.

Start with a small game or reproduce one of the classic arcade games. You’ll learn a lot about gameplay and level design that way. Also, do you want to implement the game in Blender or use a different engine (OGRE comes to mind with scripts to import/export)?

Wow! Thanks for all the response folks! At this point I think I’m going to try a bit of everything everyone is mentioning and see what stands out as making me like it. There’s alot of info here I’d like to respond too so let me say up front, if I don’t respond to something you said or asked me plz ask me again. As far as the engine I want to use, I think blender would be fine to start with until I get something up and running that I can play as a standalone and to make me feel all happy and important. LOL I’m hoping later once I have a standalone to be able to entice someone to turn it into an MMO or perhaps I’ll enjoy this process enough to start spending all the time i can on it and learn to do that myself. So far I’ve been learning to make text based games using C++ (yeah i’ve heard that it’s major overkill but it’s the only language that makes sense to me atm since it’s what i was told most games these days are made in so i started with it). I know that’s a long way from 3d but from what i’m hearing, it’s not a bad route to begin on. As far as what engine I want to use…well…um…hehe. For a stand alone I’m more than happy using Blender as I said before but once I decide to make it on a larger scale I would like to switch to something else that could give me more control. There’s alot in an RPG and especially in a MMORPG but if Blender could handle it and I learned it first…I guess I would stick with it. Can Blender’s game engine handle a MMORPG or would I be better off running this OGRE thing mentioned earlier?

MMORPG is not really doable by a single person. There are opensource projects specifically for MMORPGs see worldforge


You can use that for your client server, and create your content via Blender.


Try futzing with something called gamemaker. It’ll help you get started with ideas, and show you just how much effort it’s going to take. But if you’re as dedicated as you say you are, you might be able to pull something small off.

good luck.

i remember (and I’m like really old so I remember a lot), a pyramid/temple that someone built and textured to look just like the temple in TombRaider, and the controls were just flying through it, and had some doors that opened. let me look in the archives…Ah yes, here it is, Egypt, circa 2002. Still plays. In a Demo20.zip file, All in Blender, like really cool. So, if you want it I can post it and you can use it as a template.

Check this out: BSoD Introduction to the Game Engine