im testing my webserver pls visit adress inside

tell me waht u get. and waht i need to do to fix if there is a problem.
its an abyss server
edit: wrong ip here is the right one
edit 2 : yet another bad ip im replacing it

This page cannot be displayed.

refused connection

ok good let me add something then try

try now

cannot find serer - the page could not be displayed

does any one know how to help me. im on a qwest dsl modem with a Mcafee firewall

Unblock incomng port 80 (tcp).


Better yet, learn a free UNIX, and use apache.

tried apache. didnt figure it out. the abyss server is on port 8000. how do i unblock 80? is there another port i can use?

I don’t mean to be rude, or mean. But if you don’t know how to unblock ports in a firewall as simple as mcafee you probably shouldn’t be running server software on your PC.

As well you may have what’s called a dynamic IP address, that is, it changes from time to time (at timed intervels, 12, 24 or 48 hours for example). In this case simply giving people your ip address won’t work well. You’ll need to use a service like dyndns which finds your ip address as it changes then send this to a live dns server, this dns server in turn assigns a name to your ip address. It keeps tabs on your computer by using small piece of software that broadcasts your current ip address to this dns server, so that when it changes the server knows where you are. would be your address. is ths site.

Don’t ask questions that no one knows, or you can find out easier than we can, like:

how do i unblock 80?


is there another port i can use?

These are questions that MANUALS are good at answering.

Your firewall blocks ports, telling your firewall to unblock a port like 8000 is something that is a basic skill you should know if you own a firewall. Read it’s help file or man page (maunal) about how to do this.

thanks ditto im just gonna use or or something

Running windows is a security threat in and of itself, running server software on top of it can pose a lot of problems too. There’s a lot crackers out there, any one of them can see your pc and want in.

It’s safer this way :wink:

Remember if all you’re doing is hosting images you can go to, alltaken’s got a great service there where you can upload images for free!

i kinda wanted to write my own site in html. is there a host out there that will allow me to do that? free pls. im not gonna spend _______ dollars a month. im fourteen :stuck_out_tongue:

All free sites let you write your own site in html, that’s pretty much a given. I found one once that was free, and had some nice features, let me find it.

okie dokie

OK, found some. Be sure to read any terms of service stuff:

These look the best:

The absolute best I’ve found:
Registration is temp. closed though :frowning:

I’ve never tried any of these but I’ve looked at there features that last one is the best.

Hope that helps!!!