im tryin to make a driving game.... kinda need some help tho

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I have my basic model and animations. but when i play it, the car just “slides”. it moves in the direction its pointing and everything, but lets say i make it go forward, then turn it, but don’t hold the forward button. it just slides sideways (if that makes any sence to people). kinda like its on ice. N e ideas for the settings??


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there’s a coupe of things you can do, one is to set the dampening on the car to a higher value (found in the realtime buttons) rot dampening does the same to rotations. Secondly you can set a material to your road or whatever press the DYN button and set Friction to a higher value. Hope this helps.

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Thank you

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okay. i have another problem. lol… is there a way to make the actuator work, only if two keys are being pressed. so that when i hit the left arrow, the car wont spin unless i have the up arrow (accelerator obviousely) pressed too?
thanks again

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Hi, this isn`t really help but…


Your welcome to use anything on it if you wish.


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you need to find the Antistopic button in the realtime settings (its just under where you set the object as dynamic), that will allow you to set diferent frictional forces for each axis (i.e. High friction to on the side to side movement but low friction on the front to back axis)

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If you want two buttons to activate an actuator make sure the two sensors are connected to an AND controller use OR if you want either button to activate it.

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ohhhh thank you. I knew it would be somethin easy. lol