I'm trying to animate grass/flower blowing in the wind

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Hello all. I’m trying to animate a some grass and flowers blowing in the wind. I’m trying to get the effect of having the part of the flower stem that is connected to the actual flower sway back and forth-left and right- in the wind. I’ve tried animating a path + BevOb:CurveCircle—this didn’t animate at all.
I’ve tried applying a wave to a tube—this wasn’t what I wanted.

Please help…I’m working on my masterpiece…I’m desperate!

Thanks in advance,

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eww…i think i said it before… but ill say it again…seeing your name makes me barf! lol…thats soo sick, u sicko!
anyhoo… make the flower into a mesh and then animate it with relative vertex keys or maybe even armatures =)

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not in blender you won’t. not with any free 3d program.

when dynamica comeout, maybe.

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You can try this (don’t know if it works I’m iprovising):

1 - Make a grass mesh (no particles, a real mesh, use RipSting script)
2 - Make a lattice somewhat fine and parent grass mesh to it.
3 - Animate the lattice with Vertex Keis so that
topmost vertexes mowe nicely and bottom doesn’t


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Here’s how I would animate grass –

First, constraints:

  • Must use RipSting’s excellent grass generator (and, if you’re making grass, why wouldn’t you be?)
  • Grass to animate should appear in more or less a level plane.

Now, what to do:

  • Create your grass, using a height division of 3 or 4, i.e. each blade of grass is made of three or four vertical segments.

  • enter a side view, and edit mode.

  • select the upper vertex of all blades (if you’re grass is on a plane, then you can just use the b-button select method)

  • assign these vertices to vertex group.

  • do likewise with each descending set of vertices

  • create armature, with different controllers named to correspond with the vertex groups.

  • make grass the armature child of the armature

You may now animate each vertical level of your grass separately with the appropriate bone inside the armature.

For added realism, you can make your grass, say 1/3 as sparse, but generate it three times, repeat the above procedure three times, and then animate each of the grass objects slightly differently to introduce some variation.

When Blender is Opened and the API is extended, I want Python access to vertex groups! We can do true wind effects in grass then.

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your method lloks more interesting (and professional) than my idea


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But you guys…

I’ve already crated a grass generating script with an integrated wind engine!

It’s actually pretty slow though because it’s having to push so many polys per frame, but it works. The only major problem with it is that you lose all material information between frames. Maybe someone can look at my code and find a work around? There’s also a memory leak with NMesh.GetRaw(), so you lose about .1 seconds per frame until you restart blender… But if you want gray grass (or it’s probably no problem to do post processing), then get my script!

Here’s an example.mpg (300k)

It’s not the greatest example in the world because it’s so short.

It’s still kinda in Alpha, but here’s the instructions for animated grass:
1)Start out with very few blades of grass so you can see the general movement (1 blade per blenderunit is good, but you might go .5 or lower).
2)Move and resize the “Wind” empty until it simulates the style of wind you want. There’s some help included with the script if you scroll up to the top.
3)Select the base meshes (the terrain mesh you want the grass to grow out of) and hit Alt-P in the script window to initialize it.
4)Re-Select the base meshes and hit Alt-A to animate!

Sorry you have to have the base meshes selected for now. It’s still a WIP.

Download it here:

You must install Eeshlo’s dynoise module (dynoise.dll/dynoise.so) in the same directory as Blender’s executable.
You can download this file from http://www.stormpages.com/eeshlo/VariousPython.htmlunder the heading “Dynamica Noise module

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Thanks for all your help guys, but I think I’ve given the impression that I know more about blender than I really do—I definately know far less than you folks. I need step by step instructions with pictures included. For the animation that I’m working on, the blades of grass and flowers would only be shown for about 2 seconds as the camera rises up from the ground, so I need a simple, quick way to make the flowers sway slightly in the breeze. The picture I’m going for is similar to the “Tulips” background that comes standard with WindowsXP. Can anyone out there point me to a tutorial?

Thanks again,