I'm trying to do something great, please help.

Yeah, Finally got me some time to work on our green friend here again http://mayday.w.staszic.waw.pl/gobticons/smile.gif

I have decided I’ll try to give it a more professional look (wow, why didn’t I think of this before!), more detailed and more realistic than cartoony. Unfortunately there is one obstacle: I suck at everything. If You guys can help, especially with improving the topology, it will be well appreciated. Right now I’m concentrating on the head.


(Visit my site for the finished renders of the current version)

Were’s your site?

It looks like your doing this in 3DsMax.

Looks good. I’m not an expert, but the texture’s will make your creature more realistic.

Well, You could have just checked the image urls http://mayday.w.staszic.waw.pl/gobticons/razz.gif. Here’s my site: http://mayday.w.staszic.waw.pl/ . I’m doing it 100% in Blender, I don’t know where did You get that idea. There’s a textured version (I’ve already shon it here a while ago) but I find the whole thing lacking. I’m trying to get the best it can be… as You could see in some proffesional 3d movie. Texturing is something I haven’t fully mastered (I mean the tools) so I’m concentrating on the model now and I hate it more and more every time I look at it. Please, guys, help.

Awsome Model, but if you want a more brutish look bring his jow out a bit and add some teeth, or you could add like 4 tiny hairs on his head to make it look like he was balding or something, Just some suggestions, or maybe some sort of earing like the one link wears from zelda, but have 2 at the top of his ear.

Yes, adding some hair is a good idea. I’m not trying to make him look brutish, he’s a sneaky thief. Crits on the model, anyone? A link to the textured version for those of You who didn’t see it before: http://mayday.w.staszic.waw.pl/images/new.jpg

wait i got one more suggestion, maybe add a little more muscle tone, he looks like one of those claymation people, it might help, there are not many crits we can give because it is really good (Stick with modeling because you are really good)

Right… could You be a bit more specific please? I just don’t know how, I’ve really reached the point where I don’t know how to improve anything on my own. So… imagine I’m a total noob and try to give detailed instructions please. Pwetty please http://mayday.w.staszic.waw.pl/gobticons/sad.gif

The character is great, any mesh tweaking would
just mess it up, hopefully i am wrong if you are
determined to alter the model.

I know it’s a nice model overall. it just doesn’t look realistic copared to… let’s say @ndy’s Lox or Snog or BgDM’s last project . Know what I mean? That’s the look I’m aiming at.

I mean add some human anatomy like look at your arms and see how it goes from big to skinny to big again and add something like some vampire like teath when he opens mouth because most orcs and goblins have that look to them, i dont know how to explain it any different but maybe i can find a pic of what i mean, and then in texturized pick i notice that the skin doesn’t really have a texture to it but does you real skin, maybe try adding a skin texture

edit: If you didn’t see my first post i added that maybe a ring earring would look good at the top of his ear, but add 2 maybe

Actually, my first goblin had a huge earring. I think I might return to that idea.

alright, hope to see an update, and you are using pixtar type eyes right
This is a link to a guy that made an orc animation, It should help to watch might give you ideas

While the movie is downloading, I can tell You that “The Hunt” pic on that site shows a very good example of the look I’m aiming at (minus the no nose).
I guess I’m gonna have to add lips then.

Ok, I’ve watched it. I need to redo the ears too, apparently. However, the orkling models in this animation have a certain grace to them that I still have no idea how to achieve.

The basic model looks fine. He is what he is and there’s nothing wrong with him unless you specifically want to change something but don’t know how.

As far as giving him more “life”, I think that’s going to come down to UV texturing. Once you start adding colour to wrinkles and around the eyes and lips, that’s when the character really moves into the next dimension. Until then, they always look like Muppets.

You could try vertex painting for a little bit of detailing without the mess of UV mapping - but it’s not the same.

Also, and this could be the thing that keeps you going forward, try playing with some facial expressions using RVKs. This is where they get their character. Try a cunning grin, a frown, a smile and a look of shock-horror!

Also, also - lighting. Play with some moody lighting and different coloured backgrounds. Thies egive the model a sense of environment and therefore, of life.

MESH: If you want him to talk, then the mouth may need a little work. In the original mesh image, it doesn’t look like you have much of a loop setup around the mouth to assist with clean deformations. Look at good head models for a guide on how the mouth and lip loops should run. Add lips if you really want to but don’t do it just because other characters have lips.

Also, have you tried to make him blink? This can bring tears to your own eyes if his lids refuse to play the game. Some people use RVK for this but I’d recommend using bones and weight painting in this case. This way you can achive a nice spherical deformation where the lid literally slides over the eye surface. The lids will need enough vertices to allow for this smooth transistion.

I understand your hesitation with UV mapping - I’m still avoiding it too - but your character is almost ready for it I think.

Ok, that was useful.
For that note, I’m not sure I’m gonna make him blink with bones, but I may always try. Thanks for the comments.
Anyone else?

There some useful tricks AndyD put down. He’s right though, eventually you will have to add a UVmap texture layer.

However, I do have a suggestion. Cheap trick with little work and high impact…Voronoi. Add a new texture layer and in F6 pick “Voronoi”. This will give your character reptilian scales. Then in F5 you will have to scale the “map to” XY settings to about 8.5. Pick “Nor” and “Col” and pick a greeny type color in that area.

Baaad news. Turns out I don’t have as much time as I had hoped. Unfortunately, this means I won’t be posting an update this week…http://mayday.w.staszic.waw.pl/gobticons/mad.gif. Thanks for all the sugggestions, I’ll surely try them out as soon as I have the time to. If You have any other tips on how to improve, please share.

EDIT: I’v found these:

Both are great and show what I’m trying to reach. I really like the first one, it’s a shame I can’t buy points to download that tut :<

Well I like some parts on the first one but the second uses expresions which can help a little with ideas. Well try to get an update next week.

Well, why didn’t you say so. Mikemayday if you want realism go to http://www.3dtotal.com see under ‘Free Stuff’>tutorials. There’s plenty of texturing realism tutorials there.

You will need photoshop or Gimp to make the texture map and then uv map them onto your model. Be prepared for a lot of work, but I’m sure you’re a get up and go type of fellow, no trouble for you. :smiley: