I'm trying to set up a workflow to build PS1 low-poly 2D/3D environments and I have a few questions.

Hello everyone, I’m trying to work towards making 3D/2D environments and assets like those you’d see in PS1 games, specifically games such as Xenogears, Wild Arms 2, and a couple others. If you’re familiar with that era, specifically JRPGs you know what I’m talking about. The actual workflow of building the pixel textured 3D assets I’m getting down, but I still have a few questions.

  • The pixel guy you see is made in Asesprite; I’m not building the flat 2D assets such as him in Blender, I’m using him as a reference image to compare against the actual 3D objects I’m building in Blender.

  • Often I need to import a 2D, pixel based reference image to ensure that the 3D assets and environment I’m building match up with one another. When I’m importing a reference image, especially a flat/2D image, how can I make sure that the image is and remains the absolute, objective size that it is? I ask this because sometimes when I import a reference image that otherwise are the same size in Asesprite, in Blender they’re wildly different dimensions.

  • As you can see from the link the reference image I uploaded is blurry; how do I fix that?

  • How can I check the sizes in pixels of something in Blender? For example, if I’m using 32x32 sized pixel assets its important for me to check and double check those dimensions in Blender to ensure that everything is in order from time to time.

  • Any additional tips for what I’m doing? Anything I’m missing in my workflow?