I'm trying to texture a cube...

I want to take a cube, and place a different image or movie clip on each side. I know that I could make 6 different objects and texture each individually, however, that would make my life hell… Is there a better way to do this?


yes, go into face select mode, load the movies onto the faces in the UV editor, and set the material to ‘tex face’.

Or to spare you the hassle of UV editing, just use 6 different materials (material indices).

I think UV mapping in this case would be much faster.

I have jpeg textures working, I would like to have animated media as a texture though, but I can’t seem to get that to work. Any suggestions? Thanks.

=Fro Man

Strike that, I played with it some more. I guess it is really picky about which formats it will play with. But my new problem is that the image doesn’t change. The clip doesn’t play at all. Any ideas? Thanks

=Fro Man

Did you click the “Movie” button in the texture options?